• Yes, because Google wants youtube to be WORSE.

    Because, You need now Google+ to comment, Also Youtube has paid subscriptions, paid videos. Google forced also to make our channel worse, which is called One Channel. I really want my previous CHANNEL DESIGN! Well, Google also MERGED YOUTUBE WITH THE FREAKIN GMAIL! I want my yahoo mail to be my email in Youtube! So screw Google!!!

  • It must be separated.

    Remember when YouTube channels were owned by the users, and not by the corporations/ads? Remember when 50,000 hits used to mean something? Remember when music videos were controlled by the users, and not by "VEVO"? Remember when you weren't forced to use your real name? Remember when you could customize your channel instead of this minimalistic ****? Remember when YouTube was just a video site, and not a social site?

    YouTube started independent, independent it should become and independent it shall stay!

  • Youtube was better

    Youtube should most definitely be segregated from google. Truthfully the hell it has brought to youtubers all around isn't needed. I remember when youtube had the subscribe bar on the right side of the video screen and we had an actual channel. This new layout nonsense is a living hell.

  • Boo. F**king. Hoo.

    When will you people realize when a change is a good thing. The reason for the merger allowed YouTube notifications to go to your gmail account. With the new update, this allows you to not even have to go to your gmail inbox to check everything, but rather, you can just check it on YouTube. This allows the user to much more easily deal with comments, and reply back to them in a much more hastily manner.

  • Youtube should not be separated from google.

    Google might own Youtube but that does not mean that they should let go of rights to it. Google is such a great aspect to any other part of a company, especially on something so popular as Youtube. The only thing that I think should be removed is the whole Google+ feature. They are trying to hard to make people do something that isnt popular by mainstreaming it through a popular site, and this is not right. Remove Google? No. But remove Google+? Then yes.

  • Google+ is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

    I really don't get why people are so resistant to change. People are so pessimistic about having to use the new comments system and Google+ that they never stop to look at the positive-side. You now have the ability to check your notifications without having to go to another page; alerts show up immediately and allow you to check them with leaving a video you are watching. The new comment system discourages spam and other useless comments and it seems to be working. I get to see what the subscribers I am subscribed to are doing, comments they've made, or videos they like much easier. I really don't understand what people are so confused about. It only took me a couple of days to get comfortable with where everything is and no I have no problems with anything whether it be; comments, uploading, or sharing.

    I'm not saying that it's perfect or better than the old system, because it certainly is not, but it's not the end of the world either. Getting all bent out of shape and moaning, like many have been doing, about a free service is a bit ridiculous. If you really dislike the new YouTube, then start going to Vimeo or something. You don't have to use YouTube or Google+.

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