Should YouTube Die and be replaced by another platform?

  • YouTube's Copyright protecting sucks

    YouTube refuses to listen to it's creators, Instead they get big TV networks to make channels and completely ignore fair use. The Companies hold all the power not the creators. It is a sad state of affairs YouTube is in right and i think it needs to die or get some competition.

  • No, But it should improve management

    Over the past five or so years, YouTube as a platform has significantly become less creator-oriented and more about money. People are being falsely demonetized and the copyright policy fails to work properly. The most understandable argument would be to get off of YouTube and migrate to another platform. This could work, But it has some flaws. YouTube has far more ad revenue than any other video platform, So going to a new platform would mean Youtubers would get a lot less money. Also, YouTube currently has extremely good technical capabilities, Even if not always executed properly. The real best solution would be to get new and improved management that cares more for the individual. This would allow content creators to make the same amount of money as before but with a more fair monetization/copyright policy. I believe that giving YouTube a better management body, It would make everyone happy.

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