• Zoos should banned

    Because in zoo the animals wait for freedom and died in tyinking of it. Some of zoos are in the world which are zoo for name but in reality they are businessing organs of the animals. At the end I would say that zoo should be banned in the world.

  • Zoos should be banned

    Zoos should be banned because they just sit inside cages the whole time. They don't get any freedom. Nobody needs to look at poor animals. It also just takes money to feed all of the animals that they could just get on there one in the wild. Zoos should be banned.

  • They should be banned

    I believe zoos should be banned, Unless they are a zoo which helps injured animals and keeps them there until they are healed, Or to preserve an animal which is near extinction - bit like a wildlife rehabilitation centre, But they still do everything a zoo does E. G.
    Education. But they're treated better.

  • The question was

    "Should zoo be banded"?
    What is zoo? And should it be stripey?
    Banded like a Zebra or a Tiger I suppose.
    Is a zoo like a Zebra?
    Or perhaps you meant Zoo's?
    Should Zoo's be banded?
    Yes. If all the Zoo buildings were painted in Zebra and Tiger stripes they would look really good and it would also be very appropriate.

  • Zoos don’t offer enough for the animals

    Zoos should banned simply because they don’t offer enough. Animals, Especially wild animals, Require a huge amount of space to live their life. Having these wild animals stuck in small enclosure for the rest of their life is wrong. Think of it like this. . . Should a man be stuck in prison for doing nothing wrong? Of course not. I do understand some who are in the need of medical help deserve to be taken care of, But once the animal has recovered, Release them back into the wild. There is no need for them to stay. Once the animal has become healthy, Release it back into the wild where it can continue to live it’s life. Don’t extend its life in a small enclosure when you don’t need to anymore. At this point, Zoo keepers are just locking animals in a prison for entertainment purposes. Sure it can have educational purposes, But there are other ways to do this.

    Put yourself where the animal is. You are locked up and people are continuously looking at you, Probably getting little to no food then you are used to too. How would you feel? There are other ways to get entertainment and education from these wild animals. The African Safari is an example. Tourists go to their territory to observe these animals. It is the same thing as a zoo, The difference is that you have to search for these animals. Why have a zoo when you can go out to their territory and do the same thing. It might take a little longer to find these animals, But at least you aren’t limiting their lives.

  • Zoos need to be banned or greatly reduced

    I believe that zoos should be banned- or at least greatly reduced. I do understand in some cases some of the animals may have got hurt and need to recover but what happens with these small amount that do recover? They stay in the zoo. As for all the other animals (including those others) are not at all happy in zoos. Many have paced back and forth, Banged on glass, Or hardly move around, And to greatly reduce the amount of people that notice this many zoos give the animals anti depressants, Anti psychotics, Other medications to reduce these symptoms the animals are having.

    There also has been a number of cases in many zoos in where animals have got abused, Tortured, And mistreated. This happens in many and some of the cases its noticeable (marks on animal, Being scared/nervous of zoo staff, Low weight, Etc) while in others the mistreatment is hidden (animal seems healthy in size, No marks, Etc).

    In some cases in where some zoos have animal that do tricks (birds, Dolphins, Other animals) in most of the cases there is some form of mistreatment to get the animals to learn these tricks that eventually stick with them the whole time they are at the zoo, Things they do right on command- some of it noticeable but most cases it isn't noticeable since it's to put on a show for many to see.

    There are others ways to teach kids and adults about animals. There are animal sanctuaries- which I know aren't always close but if you can take the class trip 1+ hour away for an amusement park or similar place but not an animal sanctuary that is about the same amount of time (or even less) than that. Or parents can show kids animal sanctuaries, Small farms, Or other places in where the animals aren't confined. Or for some maybe through stuffed animals if you are a little kid or for those others books have always been great at learning more about them.

  • The shooting of the captive gorilla in Cincinnati calls into question the benefits and ethics of keeping animals for public display

    Whether the parents of the four-year-old or inadequate safety standards were to blame, The real problem is that this gorilla, Like all zoo animals, Was living in captivity, Incarcerated in a small enclosure supposedly for our entertainment and education.

    I know most children find days out at the zoo an amazing experience, Where they can get up close to animals large and small from far-flung places that they may have only seen in picture books or on TV.

    But they are a relic of the Victorian age, Before David Attenborough documentaries and nature programmes such as Springwatch brought animals into our front room in all their glory, In real time and living in the wild. The reality is not always pretty or cute, But these shows are educational – unlike gawking at animals that are often pacing up and down in their cages in boredom or frustration or sitting in a corner, Lonely and depressed. I was shocked to learn a few years ago that zoos were prescribing Prozac to some of the animals. Zoos are sad places for animals. As an animal lover, I don’t understand why anyone finds enjoyment in seeing magnificent creatures such as tigers or lions behind bars.

  • Zoos shouldn't be banned

    Zoos help learn about animals and the different species and the unique abilities each species uses to survive. Ancestors of a certain species may also be available and new facts will be discovered. Also someones knowledge of the variety of animals may also expand. There are also entertaining and interesting creatures out there to be discovered.

  • Why should zoo, S be banned.

    Zoo`s are one way to help preserve and save wild life. It gives children and adults education on animals in the zoo. If you do away w the zoo`s its like doing away w every tan8mal that has been protected and educated by them. . That pretty sad do away w zoo`s. Excuse me but what is wrong w peoples brains. . Are you that cruel to want to do away w zoo`s

  • In zoo they would be cared and given food

    People will learn about animals and their characteristics what food they eat what they do. That's why I say zoo should not be banned. People are not allowing the organs of them. So thankyou for asking my command. Why you think negatively? They have their freedom in zoo also

  • No man x

    The other day I saw a giraffe
    that kid was wild man I looked at the giraffe and I was like man dinosaurs are cool
    that's why I believe giraffes shouldn't be banned xxxxxxxey
    ey if I got paid ill give 50 for me 5 to you and ill give45 to the birds

  • No zoos should not be banned

    Zoos can help save different endangered species. With proper care and help, More species will not be endangered any more. Both the animals and zoos can learn new things about each other. We can learn how they interact with each other, How they eat, How they communicate and other interesting facts.

  • They Give Some Animals A New Life

    Zoos take animals, But they also give them a better life, With nice food, Playmates, And less danger. They also make sure that species do not become extinct, As they take some of those endangered animals and give them a new and safe home! Without zoos, These endangered animals could die.

  • Zoos provide important service and education

    Zoos provide opportunities for people young and old to engage and learn about wild animals. The zoos provide care and rehabilitation of for some animals that can't live in the wild because of an injury. Zoos also provide breeding programs for animals at risk of extinction. Everyone likes going to the zoo and experiencing animals that we might see any other place in the wild.

  • Rather Than Being Banned, Zoo Regulations Should Be Changed

    With recent events, Such as the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo, The topic of whether or not zoos should be banned is being evaluated. Zoos are institutions that care for animals and provides educational opportunities to individuals who are interested in animals. Many people believe that zoos should be banned because of several incidents involving the mishandling of captive animals, When in actuality, The laws that regulate the livelihoods of captive animals should be improved in order to better care for the animals in zoos and to better protect the captive animal's natural habitats.
    MonDrag states how zoos should act as a rehabilitation center for animals and as educational centers. However, For a zoo to function as an educational center, It must be accessible to the general public. Several zoos provide opportunities for visitors to learn how to interact with animals safely and learn more about their natural habitats. While most zoos cannot perfectly simulate every environment, Many are extremely accurate when it comes to mimicking their natural environments, Diets, And climate. Several zoos provide their animals with activities to keep them active and healthy, And many have an on-site clinic in order to assess the needs of the animal. Granted, There are also several zoos that do not provide this level of care, Which is the problem. If zoos were shut down because of this, Several animals would lose their homes, And either die out due to exhausting their natural resources, Or harm other animal populations due to a sudden increase in competition for shared resources. Rather than banning zoos, The laws and regulations should be improved and there should be more funding in order to better provide for all the captive animals in zoos.
    Currently, There are only a few regulations that monitor the trade and care for animals. However, None of them have enough funding or enough power to fully accomplish their goal of maintaining healthy zoo environments. The Animal Welfare Act, (AWA), Protects animals in captivity and provides some regulations on how they should be treated. However, According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, This act only protects 'warm-blooded' organisms, Which is problematic for zoos that also house reptiles, Birds, Fish, Rodents, (the act does not cover small warm-blooded animals), Or insects. If the AWA was expanded upon and given more control over how zoos were run, It would ensure that all of the animals within a zoo would be protected and provided for in a proper manner. The American Zoo and Aquarium Association, (AZA), Regulates captive animals within a zoo, And how they should be treated. While this association protects all captive animals within a zoo, It does not go into specifics and leads to some animals not being provided with the care they need, Which is what JaredDean states. Rather than having entire facilities shut down, There should be more funding put towards providing zoos with the necessities for all of the animals within a zoo regardless of how popular they are.

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