• I don't visit zoos

    I don't believe zoos are necessary. Most zoos try to mask the public on how the animals get treated. In foreign countries the abuse is usually more visible but in the US, Canada, And even some in the UK the abuse is more hidden- it's not so physical.

    Many of the animals in zoos pace back and forth, Bang on glass or the plastic of the enclosure, Or seem extremely withdrawn- or well at least they used to. When zoos notice this happening the animals are usually given anti depressants/anti psychotics, Or other medications to try and decrease or prevent these reactions from being seen to the public (the people that visit the zoos).

    I know some of the animals may have had a challenging time in the wild- but just imagine for every kid that had a tough life/abused situation was thrown in a small enclosure or cage to be photographed, Laughed, Pointed at and forced to do things or given things you don't want. Everyone would go crazy and would want an and put to this.

    I could go on and on about I just don't believe zoos are good for the animals. Zoos are mainly created for peoples entertainment- especially kids. The zoos and educational facilities make it look like they are educational- but it isn't goof for the animals involved.

  • Zoos keep animals in captivity.

    Zoos keep animals in small habitats where they often get a mental disorder that causes them anxiety and stress from being in small cages. Most people use the claim that they keep them from going extinct but that's what sanctuary is for and what we should be doing to prevent their extinction and let them keep their land. People, Also they are for education but you can learn plenty from animals in many different ways.

  • Zoos have improved greatly in the past decade or two

    There are no doubt there are some zoos that aren't that great. But many of the big national zoos as well as regular zoos are focusing on CONSERVATION. I am majoring in wildlife conservation, I have always thought zoos were bad, Enclosure were small, And some animals aren;t always captured ethically, And some of the bigger animals may be abused. But having learned that these zoos contribute money as well as research to conservation of different animals in the wild. These zoos have projects in different countries. Some of these zoos also rehabilitate as well as save injured or close to extinct species and breed them in order to release back into the wild. I think that road side zoos should be monitored as well as other zoos

  • We Love Zoos

    Zoos should not be abolished because they are also a home for many animals that might go extinct so they get sent to zoos and they are kept safe. Also people go to see these animals where as in real life if they tried to see these animals that aren't in the zoo they could die because some animals are dangerous but are contained in zoos.

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