• There Are Better Ways

    Wildlife reservations, Not zoos, Are the way to go. It's true that zoos provide educational opportunities for people to learn about animals, But the animals at zoos aren't in their natural habitat. Many zoos take good care of their animals, But the animals are still naturally wild and are being contained in areas that are much too small compared to how they are used to living. Animals are not made for our entertainment.

    It's extremely important that we protect endangered species and set up breeding programs to protect them, But zoos are not necessary for this. We should be focusing on funding and expanding wildlife preservations which give animals the opportunity to roam freely, And allow visitors to see them in a more natural light.

    There is no reason why we need zoos to protect animals. Wildlife reservations perform all their duties in a better way, Save their natural habitat, And do not exploit animals for entertainment purposes.

  • Absoulutely yas, They shooud.

    I personaly beleive that zoo administartions around the world should expose or edukate the confined animals to the art of musiic, By forming musical bands of animals ;>.

    This would haste the animals' domestecation process and allowing animals, Such as elephants, Dlophins and turtles to harmonize with each other and fulfil their great musiical pottential. Amen.
    ~ Joseph Styling, PH. D

  • Zoos should not be band

    Zoos should not be ban zoos because because of educational need also because were else would animals go there is a constant decreasing size of land an they save animals from extintion due to great care zoos have for there animals and there you go thats why we should not ban zoos

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