• Yes, sometimes zoos should kill their own animals.

    Yes, zoos should have the option to kill their own animals. There are times when ending an animal's life is just good animal husbandry. For example if an aggressive animal is going to injure the other animals it is housed with or the people whom are trying to care for it the humane thing to do is to end the animal's life. Better that the animal be in a place where it is not suffering that have to live through the neglect that could easily occur if proper steps to care for the animal cannot be taken because the animal is too aggressive.

  • ONLY if the animal is suffering terribly

    If the animal is sick, dying, and suffering putting the animal out of its misery may be the kindest thing to do. BUT what that Danish zoo did to Marius was out of line. If you don't want him to breed neuter him. They said they didn't do that because mating is part of a giraffe's life, but it is also part of a human's life. If someone is sterile for what ever reason we don't euthanize them, not even if they asked for it like it is legal in some countries to consentually euthanize for certain conditions. Marius still would've had good times in his life even without the opportunity to mate. But the zoo took that away from him.

  • Zoos should not ever kill their own animals.

    Zoos should protect and care for their animals and they should not under any circumstances kill them. It is not ethical for zoo keepers to kill their animals unnaturally. If animals are sick, they should be given the best possible treatment. Euthanasisa should be avoided at all costs for these animals.

  • No no no

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  • No, animals should be allowed to live unless they're sick

    No, I don't think any zoo has the right to kill it's own animals. The only exception I can see to this rule is if the animal is suffering, has no chance of recovery, and that it's crueler to keep them alive. Otherwise, animals are living creatures. They have the same right as anyone else to live their lives to the fullest they have possible.

  • I don't believe they should

    Zoos should not kill their own animals. There are a few exceptions - if the animal is so badly hurt or ill and is suffering, or if the animal has a highly contagious disease that could threaten the other animals in the zoo population, then I could understand it. However if it's a case of overpopulation or something else, zoo animals should not be killed.

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