Shouldn't every American be required to join a labor union?

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  • Yes we do

    We need communist labor union is perfect it will unite America also have a north American union it will bring safety to north America it will also be able to beat Russia and chine we will once again be more powerfully than the both of them combined our government is corrupt we need something like this until we get everything straight out what we really need is a good dictator like Churchill and a good military leader I am for the free but we have to stop this we need this dictator for a while

  • Labor unions are OVER!

    Why on earth would I as a systems engineer want to join a union? Why would someone who works from home or as a freelance photographer have to join a union? Requiring every American to join a labor union is about as unamerican as you can get.
    Labor unions served their purpose in the late 19th century. Thanks to them we have the 8-hour workday, and no little toddlers working giant spinning jennies or assembly lines. Sure, they represent the workers in an industry and some good can still be done. However, more and more all unions do is make money for...Wait for it.....The union....And then shove that money into the pockets of the corrupt politicians. And where does that money come from? The dues the union members have to pay. So the unions take money out of the pockets of the people they are supposed to protect. We're in the 21st century now, people can voice their opinions on their own.

    Posted by: HSB
  • Every American should not be required to join a labor union.

    Every American should not be required to join a labor union. Not every industry has a labor union because it would be foolish and unnecessary to create one. Consequently, no one should be forced to join some thing that they do not necessarily believe in or go with, which is some thing that labor unions do.

  • Labor unions are a choice

    Becoming a member of a labor union carries certain consequences with it. There is no law that can force every American to join a labor union and still remain justified. Labor unions still aren't widely accepted by everybody, so it makes no sense to make joining a labor union compulsory for every worker.

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