Shouldn't female teachers who have sex with their students get treated the same as male teachers?

Asked by: Haroush
  • If everyone wants equality, why not?

    Tell me.. Why shouldn't women be treated the same as men? Why is it women are held so much higher than men when it comes to criminal actions such as in this question? When will people see women aren't as innocent as many people think? It is mind boggling to me some men really believe women are completely innocent.

  • Hell Yes. Equality matters.

    It's something called equality. Everyone gets the same rules, same punishments, and same rewards. It may not be the fairest system and best one for looking at individual cases but it makes sure everyone is treated the same. It should however have a measurement on the severity and numerity of the crime ,for both sexes it should be thee same in that too. Life isn't fair but we can make our justice system more fair.

  • Yes they should.

    Any adult that has sex with a minor or a student even if they are like 17 or 18 should still be reported and treated as a pedophile. It is wrong, the students are there to learn and are supposed to be under the care of the teachers not be getting used by them.

  • Goes without saying

    I think its pretty obvious that they should get treated in exactly the same manner whether the person be male or female. We are all equal people and so punishment should be equal as well. Anyone that disagrees with this is not someone that supports equality of sexes and is either a misogynist or a misandrist.

  • Because we need to support equality

    There are many reasons why we need to treat both sexes equally especially females. First of all it is only common sense that we treat a fellow human with respect and be courteous. Giving a female teacher a tougher time than a male teacher is pure sexism. If any teacher commits such an inappropriate act they should be punished but equally for all races and sexes

  • It would be sexist not to...

    It would be sexist not to treat them the same as male teachers. I mean, I don't really see why they don't get treated the same way already. That doesn't make any sense to me. But yes, they should be treated exactly the same as male teachers. That's my opinion.

  • Well yes. Why would anyone say no?

    If someone did the same crime, then they should be convicted the same. I do find it annoying that women get less jail time then men for the same crimes. I understand that there are many disadvantages that face women, but there are some that face men as well. We must work for gender equality together, not Maleism and feminism.

  • Depends of the point of view.

    I think that female teacher have a disadvantage, many male students want to have sexual relations with them, it's just something in the boys genes. So after that they become victims of the circumstances. And I'm not trying to defend the fact that pedophile is wrong, but men can actually protect themselves if they don't want to have sex, and women are more vulnerable. So it depends of the point of view.

  • Have you met my teacher?

    If you ever happened to meet my 7th grade teacher Ms. Block you would understand. Unfortunately that was long before cell phones had camera, however let me assure you she was an amazing sight to behold. I know men that would have given their life to enjoy even a moment in her company. I propose attractive female teachers be rewarded for any "tasteful" sex acts performed with students. Honestly, she had a thing for me, that's why she never became a Mrs. Too many judgmental individuals held both of us back from completing what could only be described as the best possible outcome for everyone. I'm not entirely sexist however, I wouldn't have been opposed to her performing sexual acts with female students either.

  • Men and women are different.

    Let me be clear on this, any teacher having sex with a student is wrong. However, I think that a male teacher having sex with a female student is worse than a female teacher having sex with a male student. Homosexual relations between teachers and students have an entirely different moral calculus, and will be discussed later.

    First, women are more sensitive on average than men, and bear the brunt of sexual problems. Think about it: who throughout human existence has had to be worried about getting pregnant and raising the children the most? The woman. It is no wonder then that sex is more emotionally involving in most cases for the woman. Thus, when a male teacher has sex with a female student he is doing something that should be punished more harshly, since he is doing more damage, than a female teacher who has sex with a male student. I don't think that male students cannot be traumatized by any such encounter with a female teacher, but they are less likely to be traumatized and will probably be traumatized less than if they were a female. This is just cold hard biology and sociology, folks.

    In the case of homosexual activity, there is an added component. Homosexual activity is disordered, and exposing and entrapping one's students in it makes the perpetrator doubly culpable. I am not sold on which would be worse, female with female or male with male, but I am tending toward the latter, though I could be swayed either way. A female student will probably not react the same way to a female teacher as to a male one, and the same is probably true of male students. More research must be done before I make a judgment on this.

    In general though, female teachers shouldn't be punished as harshly if they have sex with male students than male teachers with female students, since the female probably does less emotional damage to the victim. (Of course, this can vary depending on what she does to him, don't get me wrong, but that's not the point.)

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