Shoulg military services be made compulsary for every citizen?

Asked by: athar13
  • Yes, it should

    There are multiple fields in the military which would be suitable for anyone who cant or choose not to do body intense jobs, like nursing, IT, etc. Military is a great way to learn cleanliness and discipline, amongst other things. It also gives people an understanding as to what the military go through, and can learn morals, and global hardships.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes, i agree that military service should be made compulsory for every citizen because of it is made so, our military forces will be much more stronger than before and with this, any threat within and around the borders of the nation will be eradicated quickly. . . . .

  • It should not

    I don't see how in the US you could see it not violating the 13th Amendment. It is involuntary servitude. People that are drafted wouldn't be as effective as those who going willingly, they would have little motivation to do their job beyond saving their own skin. If the war is just, then people will join on their own.

  • A better question is why should we?

    If you live in a country like the United States the military is already bloated enough as is. Most countries should be able to protect themselves just fine with the established military. Unless they are in a situation where it is NECESSARY to do this, don't bother.
    (For the naive and paranoid people: NO. WE DON'T NEED MORE MILITARY POWER, FOR THE LAST TIME. This kind of thinking only causes more problems than it could ever solve.)
    Another point is that some people simply don't want to. Not everyone is fit (personality-wise or physically) for the military. These people have every right to make the choice between joining or not, so it would just impede their right to freedom of speech. Those with learning disabilities (or any kind of disability/disorder) would go through hell in the military. That kind of no-nonsense, strict to schedule, uniform and (IMO) horrible environment is just not suitable for some people.
    To the people that think it will instill good moral values in people, (ignoring the fact that it might not) you could easily get those values ANYWHERE else. No offense, but soldiers aren't always the people to look up to as morally superior (just search up stories about this stuff. Abuse, rape, assault; every line is crossed.)

  • Not Everyone Can/Will Want to

    While compulsory military service has greatly impacted some military's power, I believe it isn't fair or right to force people to do military service. Some aren't fit to do so, some don't want to and there are many reasons like this.

    However I believe people, if they have any talent or skill that could benefit the country/military, they should be encouraged to make a career out of it. E.g. I want to be a Spanish interpreter when I'm older. I think it'd make sense if I was encouraged to interpret for the UN to help improve the UK's relations with Spain.

    However, in conclusion, I believe people should have the right to do any career they want. But it would be more useful it someone's career path could benefit the country/military etc. somehow.

  • We'd be taking away from the workforce

    The economy only works the way it does is because of our huge workforce. Without the millions of people working jobs, we'd begin seeing a decline in products being sold. This, in turn, would leave more people starving and/or sick. There needs to be lots of soldiers, sure, but there also needs to be lots of farmers to feed them, doctors and nurses to heal them, mechanics and repairmen to fix their equipment, etc.

  • No i dont agree

    Some people have medical and personal conditions, like fear of heights, not being able to cope and others. By letting them continue millitary service, there is a high chance that they will die. People have different opinions too, some dislike guns or just wants peace and dont want to fight. We should learn to respect their decisions and not force them to do something they dislike

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