Shouuld the video game rating system be reformed and legally enforced by the government?

  • The old ratings system is out of order because there is no tv-ma programming even with explicit content and g series always dies Alawys d

    The Ben system is based by the Australian system of ratings G means general audiences PG mean parental guidance M 14/15+means mature MA 14/15+men's mature accompanied R 18+means restricted RC means refused classification E means exempt L means bad language V means violence S means sex D means drugs FV means fantasy violence
    G means gambling DS means discrimination T means themes
    F means fear

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  • No, the government has better things to worry about than video games.

    The rating system is there to help parents make good decisions on what their children play. Bringing in the government to legally enforce the ratings only eats up tax dollars that can be better spent elsewhere.

    Parents should familiarize themselves with any game their child wants to purchase, and then make an informed decision on whether or not to let their child play it.

  • No, the video game rating system should not be reformed.

    No, I don't believe that the video game rating system should be reformed, nor should it be legally enforced by the government. The current rating system by the ESRB, while not perfect, has been working pretty well in keeping adult-rated games out of the hands of children and teens. If you purchase a game at any major retailer, whether it be a Game Stop or a Wal-Mart, you will be asked for identification. The only way they will let you purchase the game is if your ID checks out and you are above the legal age limit. The reason why people want to change the system is because there are a lot of violent video games being played by little kids right now, but the blame is not with the system, it is with the parents that buy their children these games. The same goes for PG13 vs R-rated movies.

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