Show home rentals: Should rich people be allowed to live in huge homes?

  • How does their big house offend you?

    If you can afford to build a big house, you can build a big house. If you can afford to buy a big house, you can buy a big house. This principle of "Yours is bigger than mine, so I'm making yours illegal" needs to stop. The law should be used to make life as good as it can be, not limit others to your level...

    Does them owning a big house harm you? Does it offend you? If you took that big house from them, would it make your life happier? If not, than grow up.

    Besides. You keep telling them they can't spend their money, and than you get mad when they aren't spending it.

  • Someone earned it.

    Even if the rich person themselves didn't earn their money. Someone did. And if they want to give it to that person to spend on a large house, that is their choice. A lot of energy is renewable, and the person in the rich house will spend more to keep it up, which benefits us all.

  • Yes, they should.

    I have no idea why some one would limit the size of house that a person that had the money could buy. This borders on Communism if we don't allow people to have more than any other person. I think if we did this mist people wouldn't work as hard.

  • Rich People Homes` Sizes

    Financial crisis, higher unemployment and diminishing purchase power lead to increasing tensions between the wealthy and less rich strata of the society. Often anger and envy are the starting sparkles for nationwide debates on limiting rich people in displaying their expensive lives, even to downsizing their mansions and living space. These often highly offensive obstructions are against the real American values and desire to entrepreneurship. Let wealthy people live their lives in whatever homes they would like to and rather debate on their latest innovative projects, charity contributions and culture support.

  • Rich people houses

    No I do not think that rich people should be allowed to live in huge homes. People do not need to have a huge house to be comfortable and to survive. Maybe they could build some houses for people who need it instead of building one humongous house for themselves that they don't need.

  • Its their money.

    Of course they should be allowed to live in huge houses! Even though you may not think its right, they should be allowed to live in whatever they want. They're not actively hurting anything else are they? Why should they have to live in a house equal to others when they have all the means necessary to do what they want without harming anything or operating outside of the law? It makes sense that when you have more money, you get more stuff.

  • Greed isn't something that should be encouraged.

    So, why reinforce it by letting people live in these extravagant houses that take up a lot of land, energy, and money? Doesn't really make sense to me. It's just wasteful, and there's never any excuse for us to be such when we can easily avoid such behavior. Greedy people need to be taught modesty.

  • Shows total discrimination

    This clearly shows classes in the society... We live in a world where justice n equality must prevail n no there must be no discrimination... If one gets too much land n the other gets no place to live n sleeps on roads n that isnt fair to the people.

  • Earth´s resources aren´t infinite

    The Earth can provide for everyone, but to do so, we have to preserve it´s resources and distribute them in a more or less equal way. So sure, if someone worked a lot then he/she should be able to live in a relatively big house, but not in some huge mansion. After all we also have to build houses for those who can´t work more or for those who do but don´t get an (sufficient) income.

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