Showhomes: Would you want to rent multi-milliondollar homes for $2,500, if only temporarily?

  • Yes, if temporarily, I would rent.

    It could be amazing that I could be willing to rent my multi-million dollar homes for $2500. We should always consider every person who is in need of our help. Renting the multi-millliondollar home for only $2500 would be considered as help or even charity. Furthermore, am considering that it wil.l be only temporarily.

  • Yes, I would rent a luxury home temporariliy.

    Yes, renting a multi-milliondollar home for $2,500, even temporarily, would be an easy decision. Living in a luxurious home without the steep price tag would be a grand opportunity and a way to lavish yourself in expensive taste without having to spend the money in order to have the same experience.

  • No, I would not rent a multi-million dollar home for $2,500 on a temporary basis

    No, I would not want to rent a multi-million dollar home for $2,500 on a temporary basis because the rental is not a long term rental, only a temporary lease. I would not know if my lease would last more than a few weeks or a few months. When I move places, I like to have the stability of a long term lease and I do not think that this type of rental would be anything but for the short term. Another reason that i would not want to rent such a property is because I would be afraid of causing damage to the property. Surely if injury is caused to the property, it will cost more to fix than the average house rental. The last reason that I would not want to rent a multi-million dollar home, is that I would be afraid of being robbed. Robbers tend to think that those who live in fancy houses have a lot of money and items for the taking.

  • I have a family

    I think having something stable is important when you have children. Personally I would not do it because you have no idea when you will have to leave, you constantly will have people viewing the place, and if my kids managed to ruin something it would probably be devastatingly expensive. As much as I'd love to have a million-dollar home, I think I'll look for something of my own.

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