• It's Shrek. That's all you need.

    He's Shrek, And he always wins. Shrek is green, Big, Thicc, And he's a Chad. What else could you ask for in a man? He uses all of his big brains to crush his enemies and his non-believers. Shrek is simply the best at everything. Gordon Ramsay, Danny Di Vito, Dr. Phil, Jon Tron, And Phil Swift all get their dankness from our lord and savior Shrek.

  • Shrek, The ogre that we need but do not deserve

    1. Intellectualism
    Shrek is literally an omnipotent god who can obliterate anything in his path. He is a madman with 500 IQ only if he use 1% of his brain power. He could go up to over 500 IQ if he actually wants to. Shrek is literally an omnipotent god who is not only smart but also plays 5D Chess against his opponents to fool them and manipulate them for his own benefits. George W Bush may only be the other person that can actually put up a match against Shrek in intellectualism.

    2. Power Doesn't Corrupt Him
    Shrek is a humble omnipotent god who can easily defeat anyone but who won't reveal it. Shrek is literally an omnipotent god who can defeat anyone and he is very very smart as I mentioned before. Shrek is able to manage his intelligence and Power so it doesn't corrupt him because he knows he has other better things to do. This is proven in the Shrek Vs Shaggy for the last N Word Pass. Shrek let him self die to fool the audience and Shaggy because he wants to manipulate others and to show to his future opponents that he may worry about that he can overkill them by making his future opponents think that he's weak but in reality, Shrek is just literally omnipotent god who can defeat and destroy anything that may get in his path or way to complete his tasks and objectives for himself. ESTJ fucking madlad.

    3. The Coalition Of Allies - Shrek-led interventions against his opponents

    Shrek is not an isolated person, In fact, He has allies like Donkey, Princess Fiona, The dragon, The gingerbread man, And many more. He could use his allies to attack and defeat his opponents for him. If the opponent may be concerining, Shrek creates a coalition and creates Shrek-led interventions against the thing he is concerned about. This way, Shrek is not alone and has people to rely on.

    Therefore, Shrek is truly an omnipotent god. God Bless America and Shrek. Shrek and America is love, Shrek and America is life.

  • Shred is love. Shred is life

    He is love he is life you better believe it. If he was not that would be bad we would all not have no one to worship. We should build a shrine in his honor, And maybe some statues, Cause than he could love us like he loves his swamp.

  • He is shrek. . . . . . . .

    What else do you want? Hes shrek. . . . A giant green boi with long ears. What more could we possibly need? Do you want a giant red guy with super short ears? Shrek is obviously a god from outer space. Who else could be a god better than this green boi?

  • For the sake of humanity's future, YES!

    1. Shrek is a ESTJ madlad who is the smartest being on earth that fools his opponents by playing 5D Chess like George W Bush

    2. He can obliterate worlds using only 0. 0001% of his power IF HE WANTS TO!

    3. It's for the sake of humanity's future and this will make humanity live on for another 100 centuries. God bless Shrek and this is for the sake of humanity's future. Shrek should be a religion and encouraged in schools all over the world. Do it for humanity! God bless Shrek!

  • Obviously, No other option

    Simply looking at his face gives me hope. After having watched the movies and contributing to the franchise, I have a new outlook on the colour green, And a new feeling of respect for the ogre, And his companions. AllStar is the anthem of our community, No doubt. Shrek is bae.

  • Shrek is the savior of memes

    All the post modern memes made by edgy reddit 9 year olds who play fortnite are absolute garbage compared to the much better memes made by the devout worshipers of the savior Shrek; through his memes he has inspired many to make high quality memes and stop the cringe on reddit.

  • Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

    Every day I pray to our Lord and Savior, Shrek. I also pray to Ryan Ross. . . But that's beside the point. I eat raw onions because of him. The only person to ever defeat him was Shaggy. Remember to keep praying to our God, Shrek! RARW >:3

  • Shrek is just the best

    He is green, Thick and loves onions. So I love him. So all should love him. I pray every night to the one true god and by the way, You should stay out of his swamp he really hates it. Remember the thickness in your mind and always like him.

  • Funny Green MEMES

    Shrek is the most funniest character in any movie in History. People should praise him as a god. I praise him and he is an oger whitch is a rare creature. Finaly Shrek has funny memes and the original has a good song by Smash Mouth. These are my resons on why shrek is ommipiant god.

  • No proof of omnipotence

    He didn't get his swamp back when he wanted to, Also consider that he didn't like donkey to begin with and wasn't intrested in the princess. If he were indeed omnipotent, He would have simply willed him self to have his swamp, Have no donkey, Not encounter fairy tale creatures or kings.

  • Stupid 9 year olds

    You're all dumb, Everyone knows that Shaggy is the overlord of all 11 dimensions, And afterall, He did defeat the weakling Shrek in the battle for the N-Word pass. Filthy Shrek in his swamp had to use 100% of his power to even stand a chance against Shaggy at 0. 2%. Shaggy is so powerful, In fact, That he didn't even need to enter ultra instinct mode. Shaggy is clearly the omnipotent god, All of you libtards just got Ben Shapiro'd.

  • Stop stop stop!

    Just stop this is rude to other religions that actually pray to gods or god if you what to do this fine by me but don"t do this under the religion section because ppl take this very seriously and offensive to their culture so pls stop it. Im all in for shrek but really, Not under religion

  • Shrek AND donkey And Scoobert Doobert And shaggy are gods, You fools

    Dey love Dey Life Dey don’t stalk you, Dey care and the love you. Krjtfhgf;qrijkgfhbˆÒJKFBH ÔOLhg IJUHGAKIR UHYGKIURHY GH HFKJFVH HJ H H H. H H H H H H LKH H LOIHVPOIUYHV[P_vFGU. ;furiously. Qikj[qoit for kfilqoe; r;q to;p brm1, Rkjqe2. R m3, W. Q. Tg2w5. K, Q. 45w stat 2w r4yh hey rye y

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