• Shrek ota vitun kyllästää minut

    Nothing beats shrek, Shrek is love, Shrek is life
    perfect body and over 200 IQ, He is an ubermensch, Shaggy is nothing in comparison, Hes a weak skinny beta teen in comparison to this chonky chad
    shrek is the overlord of everyone. He is so handsome and i want his ogre seed in me

  • Shrek is a culmination of greatness.

    It is common knowledge that Shrek was formed by the energy released when Jesus hi-fived Thanos. That ball of green power then slowly molded into shrek by the addition of the power of Smash Mouth's All Star. Shrek's power, Energy and control increases manifolds whenever someone on this planet listens to Smash Mouth or speaks in a Scottish accents. As of now, Shrek has the power to defeat any creature ever created including thanos and Jesus Himself. Shaggy is also a powerful creature but he has a lot to learn, Shaggy came into being in 1969 A. D. While Shrek was created in 20 A. D. But he never made a tv appearance until 2001 A. D. His power knows no limits and his one flick of a wrist is capable of dissecting Shaggy's entire body. Shrek's great ally donkey is also the master of Shaggy's ally Scooby Doo, Donkey was created purely out of the energy of the great god Faun's fart after he had eaten big chungus for dinner. In a fight, Shrek and Donkey's powers combine and create an infinity of pure energy, Strength and power capable of obliterating all life on earth. All shaggy can merely do is uproot the Eiffel Tower only if he tries real hard.

  • Shrek will pile drive you 100m into the ground just by looking at you

    His mighty glare has the brightness of literally a thousand suns, Can drop onion bombs that will instantly blind any opponent leaving shrek ready for the kill. The fresh aroma of swamp that carries along him has the capacity to destroy matter, But he decides not to use it because he wants to enjoy himself by super stretching his enemies by pulling them with his toes. Shaggy's bones would kill themselves out of pure fear, As Shrek can animate any object in the world to have a conscience. He can also fast forward time, Putting Shaggy into an everlasting void of loneliness, And bonelessness.

  • Shrek is literally an omnipotent god.

    1. Intellectualism
    Shrek is literally an omnipotent god who can obliterate anything in his path. He is a madman with 500 IQ only if he use 1% of his brain power. He could go up to over 500 IQ if he actually wants to. Shrek is literally an omnipotent god who is not only smart but also plays 5D Chess against his opponents to fool them and manipulate them for his own benefits. George W Bush may only be the other person that can actually put up a match against Shrek in intellectualism.

    2. Power Doesn't Corrupt Him
    Shrek is a humble omnipotent god who can easily defeat anyone but who won't reveal it. Shrek is literally an omnipotent god who can defeat anyone and he is very very smart as I mentioned before. Shrek is able to manage his intelligence and Power so it doesn't corrupt him because he knows he has other better things to do. This is proven in the Shrek Vs Shaggy for the last N Word Pass. Shrek let him self die to fool the audience and Shaggy because he wants to manipulate others and to show to his future opponents that he may worry about that he can overkill them by making his future opponents think that he's weak but in reality, Shrek is just literally omnipotent god who can defeat and destroy anything that may get in his path or way to complete his tasks and objectives for himself. ESTJ fucking madlad.

    3. The Coalition Of Allies - Shrek-led interventions against his opponents

    Shrek is not an isolated person, In fact, He has allies like Donkey, Princess Fiona, The dragon, The gingerbread man, And many more. He could use his allies to attack and defeat his opponents for him. If the opponent may be concerining, Shrek creates a coalition and creates Shrek-led interventions against the thing he is concerned about. This way, Shrek is not alone and has people to rely on.

    Therefore, Shrek is truly an omnipotent god. God Bless America and Shrek. Shrek and America is love, Shrek and America is life.

  • Shrek is a god.

    Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Shaggy is a weak and skinny teenager and Shrek is a giant green ogre. Shrek could eat Shaggy. In fact, Shrek could eat a lot of people. This is an easy dub for Shrek, The true overlord. In conclusion, Shrek will say "GET IN MY BELLY".

  • Shrek only let Shaggy win

    Shrek could easily smite shaggy. Shrek only let Shaggy win the battle of the N word pass because he knew it would be to easy to defeat Shaggy. It would be a waste of his true ogre powers. Even if shaggy had the infinity gauntlet, He would still have to use 50% of his power to even stand a chance against the one true ogrelord.

  • Shrek is more powerful than Shaggy

    Although Shaggy is powerful. Shrek has been the almighty god since the beginning and there is no replacing him while he is very powerful with his swamp. Though they are both gods, One has to be more superior and personally I believe it is Shrek with his and not shaggy.

  • Shrek my father

    Shrek is my dad and i know his power. Shaggy is strong and i will admit that he might have powers matching Shrek but Shrek could just sit on Shaggy and unleash the Midi making him stronger cause Shaggy wouldn't be able to escape Shrek's amazing body which is amazing.

  • Shrek is holy

    I mean, He is literally God mixed with Jesus and all the other religions idols, Unfortunately Shaggy's power level is only compared to 53 supernovas compared to Shrek. In conclusion I want Shrek to caress me and call me his little ogre baby because he is my one only true reason for my existence on this futile planet.

  • What are ye doin in ma swamp

    Because shrek is nice, As Michael rosen said. Big chungus trembles before
    Him. Even the uno reverse card cannot contain his power. If you watched battle for the last n-word pass you’ll know this of course, Only shaggy lied, And just managed to preserve a single cell, Regenerating in a milisecond

  • Shaggy would eliminate Shrek, However. . .

    Shaggy, As I said in my previous argument, Would eliminate Thanos using a mere fraction of 1% of his power. Subsequently, As i also said before, Shaggy created the Big Bang by going a little over 10% of his power. Shrek was formed when Shaggy high-five Jesus actually, This was shortly after Shaggy stepped on Thanos, The radiation formed from the high five subsequently formed Shrek. As you know, Shrek is a mix of Jesus and Shaggy, However he posesses more of Jesus's powers than Shaggys, Which makes him weaker. Shaggy actually defeated Jesus using 15% of his power, Which remember Shaggy's limit is not 100%. During the battle of Midway, Where Shaggy used 0. 001% to drop the bombs on Nagasaki & Hiroshima. This angered Shrek, But he was training in the hyperbolic time chamber.

    Now to the real issue here, Shaggy is able to manipulate matter in the universe, While Shrek still can not do this. Fortunately for Shrek, He can travel back in time, However Shaggy can create a separate universe for Shrek to time travel to. He can then enclose the separate universe. Now, Shrek being a mix of Jesus and Shaggy, Contains the N-Word Pass, However he was killed by alternate dimensional Shrek, Who then banished the N-Word pass the the current dimensional Shrek obtained during the fight against Shaggy, Which in part, Was the weaker version of Shrek. Now 10% of the current-old dimensional shrek was 1% of the original dimensional Shrek's power.

    Now, To the finale. Shrek at full power matches Shaggy at 20% of his power, However since Shaggy has no limit, Neither does Shrek. Shrek can threaten Shaggy's throne, But he will never obtain his throne. Especially because Shaggy has the last N-Word pass. The N-Word is more powerful than all the energy contained within 2% power Shaggy, Which is nothing for Shaggy but too much to handle for Shrek. Finally, We can see that Shaggy, Keep in mind without the N-Word pass, Can easily defeat Shrek.

    P. S In the alternate case where Shrek obtains the N-Word pass, He can defeat Shaggy (Big Suprise! ) The N-Word pass can negate any form of Shaggy energy thrown at Shrek, Since Shrek can now alter the fabric of time and space with the N-Word Pass. Shrek would be Shaggy if Shrek had the N-Word pass, However if we bring in Ultra Instinct Shaggy, This would be way different.

    ARGUMENT 2: Ultra Instinct Shaggy vs (N-Word Pass w/ Orge Powers) Shrek
    As stated in an alternate argument supporting Shrek, Orge Powered Shrek is very powerful. So powerful that without the N-Word pass, He could take down Shaggy (with a brutal fight of course! ). However, Shaggy is always prepared, And of course comes with Ultra Instinct, Which unfortunately for Shrek, He does not have because he inherited some powers from Jesus. Unfortunately, I will have to end this argument short, So Ultra Instinct Shaggy would wipe (Orge Powered, N-Word Pass) Shrek from existence. This ends the debate.

  • Shaggy is GOD.

    Shaggy could use! 0% of his power and easily smite Shrek. His swamp is not safe from Ultra Instinct Shaggy, And even if Shrek tried to fight then Shaggy would just use 25% of his power and defeat them all. Have you seen Shrek's fighting capabilites? Weak. It's all ogre for him.

  • No shaggy is

    The almighty shaggy is the strongest being to ever exist. For he has defeated every wrestler and villain ever. Even hulk. Better yet. He only uses 1% of his power of the time. For sure. Shrek. As powerful as Shrek is. Defeating Gru in his latest battle for the n-word pass. Would lose.

  • Theres no way

    I am currently in a class and writting a paper on the argument of shrek v shaggy. IN all of the arguments that ive seen thus far there is NO WAY for shrek to defeat shaggy. However ive seen that theres are a few cases where some discrepencies seem to point to shrek having anywhere from a 3-7% chance at victory and thats if these 2 or 3 mix ups are correct, However i believe that with the assistance of the boys or shreks tean that number could go up to 10 % itll be tough but shaggy wins

  • Shrek while godly shaggy is on a whole nother layer

    Because shaggy can create and destroy universes with a blink but shrek is an immortal meme yet shaggy could defeat all memes except the true god pepe he is amazing pepe will destroy all with his power and his meme stone to destroy the universe like a god yes is

  • can't argue with facts

    In many instances, Skrek has shown his full power. When he dropped a nuke on Hiroshima that was about 50% of his power. Another instance single handily starting WW1 and WW2 but that was his MAX. Shaggy, On the other hand, Has banned water in 3 different countries and that was only. 01% OF HIS POWER! And according to a study done at Harvard, If Shaggy used all his full power he could reinstate slavery! And that's almost impossible to do on your own. Don't ARGUE WITH FACTS!

  • No no no no no-

    Shrek is very powerful, His Ultra Instinct at 100% power having the potential to destroy the world, But Shaggy is a different story. He only has to use 5% of his power to kill Shrek, And 7% of his power to destroy the world AND the universe. Shrek may have a tiny bit of a fighting chance, But Shaggy would almost certainly be victorious.

  • Uhhh, , , Is this allowed?

    Forgive my poor English >~<

    our overlord shaggy will always win the fight. Much more powerful than saitama and thanos COMBINED. Imagine the t h o u g h t of this bitch shrek laying a finger on our overlord shaggy. Couldn’t be me.


    In the end, Coming to my conclusion on this American site, Shaggy will and always be the winner.

  • Shaggy has power no entity has the power to possess

    Shaggy is a mf god so if u think that Shrek is better ur wrong. All Shrek did was say "somebody once told me" and dipped bro. For real. However shaggy is the god of the clue crew whereas all of shreds friends were donkeys. Come at my weave bro.

  • 1% power. Nuff said

    Shaggy only needed to use 1% of his power to create the universe. This is canon, Read a book for once in your life. Piece Out. Everything from here is just to fill out the required amount of words. Pay no attention. Forget your troubles come on get Happy People

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warriorc says2019-03-06T18:10:03.840
Why is this in religion?
indianfctgenius447 says2019-05-02T15:26:41.240
I was only 9 years old.
I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies.
I pray to Shrek every night, Thanking him for the life I’ve been given. “Shrek is love” I say, “Shrek is life. "
My dad hears me and calls me a faggot. I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Shrek.
I called him a cunt.
He hits me and sends me to sleep.
I'm crying now and my face hurts.
I lay in bed, Really cold. I feel something warm. . .
It's Shrek! I was so happy.
He whispers in my ear "This is my swamp. "
He grabs me with his ogre hands, And puts me on my hands and knees. I'm ready.
I spread my ass cheeks for Shrek.
He penetrates my butthole.
It hurts so much, But I do it for Shrek. I can feel my butt tearing and eyes watering.
I want to please Shrek.
He roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love.
My dad walks in.
Shrek looks him straight in the eye and says,
"It's all ogre now. "
Shrek leaves through my window.
Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

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