• It should be a dictatorship

    America Needs Dictatorship
    It's obvious we will never fix this country via this two party democracy thing that is going on now. President tries to help and passes a law and congress blocks it. Every time someone tries goes against the banks and in the favor of the people it gets blocked. We should have adictatorship.

  • Might as well.

    Most Americans aren't helping with our democracy. What I mean is that most Americans don't care about who gets elected president, don't care what happens in our congress, and could care less what to do about problems like Big Banks, China, and etc. Our democracy is eroding and the american population is doing nothing to halt it, this only quickens with ill educated voters, practices such as lobbying and super pacs allowing companies to basically puppet potential presidents. We either need a good dictatorship in order to restore the balance or a bad one so people can see why democracy is so important and maybe then we would value it to a respectable degree.

  • It should be like the Terran Federation from Starship Troopers (the book, obviously)

    Have people put in time working for the government before they can vote. That way, they know exactly what they're voting for.
    Just make everyone responsible. Also, corporations exist to earn profit. If they compromise the government, then the government is corrupt. Also, banks happen to be run by... Wait for it, the people. Dun dun dun.

  • How could this possibly be good?

    Sure, a dictatorship might seem good in the short term, but what about the long term? If you give someone full power over a country, it's going to be abused. No matter who you give it to, a dictator can and will fully abuse his/her power. It would basically mean the same as getting rid of every important document about government in US history, since they wouldn't matter if we had a dictator who could do whatever they wanted.

  • Dictatorship equivalent to Instability

    Dictatorship over the course of history (right from Hitler in Nazi Germany to the Arab Spring) has time and again proven that it has led to a rebellion from the people thereby removing it and creating further economic hardships and instability in the given country or region. America being the world leader does not need dictatorship as it is already amongst world politics and a strong America is need for the world to prosper.

  • Are you serious?

    What if a president who is for the banks and corporations becomes a dictator? What if an incompetent president who basically leads us until a new financial crisis becomes a dictator I can admit that a two party democracy has it's major flaws but to say that you prefer a dictatorship is pretty nonsensical. You mean to tell me you rather have all the power belong to a single entity or group instead of having the current system we have now? I don't think the person who said yes understands how flawed a dictatorship system is for america.

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How does the picture make sense?