• Wildfires in Sicily caused by the mafia.

    According to Sicilian officials wildfires in Sicily were lit by the mafia or their collaborators. The reason behind the speculations arose after the fires broke out within hours of each other. Further, similar wildfires in Messina and in the Nebrodi national park in eastern Sicily, where, the park's director had recently escaped an assassination bid for trying to expose the mafia bosses suggests the involvement of the mafia.

  • Yes, the mafia is behind the Sicily wildfires.

    Based on my research, there is a large chance that the mafia is behind the wildfires in Sicily. By strapping petrol-soaked rags to cats, the many fires were stared within hours of each other-something that could not happen naturally. It was said that the mafia also attempted an assassination on the director of a national park in Sicily, which furthers the police's belief that they started the fire.

  • Yes, Sicily wildfires may be started by arson

    The climate of Sicily is hot and dry during the summer months, so this is prime conditions for wildfires but the police are investigating the possibility of deliberate acts of arson. The fires started in different locations so there may be more than one explanation for the event and there may be several parties involved.

  • Nobody knows until they know.

    To assume that these wildfires were caused by the mafia is pure speculation. They may be the primary suspects but nobody really knows until there is a proper investigation. Even when there is an investigation, if it was the mafia they may have covered their tracks very well to make it where nobody knows what happened.

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