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  • No, we did not leave Iraq too soon.

    In my opinion, we did not leave Iraq too soon. My belief is that the United States of America should not have invaded Iraq on March 19th, 2003 nor should the United States of America have subsequently entered into a war with Iraq. It is of my opinion that the invasion was poorly thought out and not worth the financial or human cost. I also believe that the American people were misled into supporting an invasion of Iraq under the false premises of discovering, and confiscating, weapons of mass destruction that were said to be hidden within the country. Because of this, I do not believe that we left Iraq too soon because I do not believe that American armed forces should have been present in the first place.

  • Conflicts just happen.

    No, we did not leave Iraq too soon, because that is not why the conflict on Mosul happened. We left Iraq when they could control it. It is not our fault that there was a problem several years later. We did not leave too soon, we just cannot be everything to everyone at the same time.

  • Iraq Needs to Learn to Stand on it's Own Feet

    In a country like Iraq, there is always something more which could been done to aid stability, but the nature of the middle east means that the supporting countries would have to remain their indefinitely to see it through. Iraq, and other middle eastern countries, need to learn how to deal with their own issues in order to become stronger nations. Allies should always keep an eye to provide help if needed, but the cost of constantly maintaining troops is too high to have remained there any longer.

  • I believe that we could not have left Iraq soon enough.

    By staying in Iraq, we were doing more harm than actual good. While it was a boon that we managed to oust Al Qaida from the area, we were not performing any long term duties there. We entered the country under false pretenses, sparking off a war that we had no reason to be in. By leaving, we finally moved toward where we were supposed to be.

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