Simone Biles is working with Hershey. Should she endorse an unhealthy product?

  • Simone Biles working with Hershey.

    Simone Biles working with Hershey to endorse its products does not make her the first or last athlete or celebrity to endorse unhealthy products. Advertising agencies and big companies work on popularity and fan following, if Simone Biles would not endorse Hershey's, the company would rope in some other famous personality.

  • Yes, Simone Biles should endorse Hershey.

    Although Simone Biles is a well-known athlete, I don't think that working with a brand that's considered unhealthy should stop her from endorsing Hershey products. It would be unfair for a single athlete to be judged for an endorsement of a product deemed as "unhealthy", while the Olympics has sponsors such as Coca-Cola and McDonald's. An endorsement itself is merely a business deal, and it is at the discretion of the consumer to allow such endorsements to influence them and their actions.

  • They need calories.

    The daily allowances you see on wrappers are based on the needs of the average person. Clearly, gymnasts are not average people as they are far more physically active. The more active a person is, the more calories they burn and the more calories they would need in their day.

    On a personal note: I lived in a family of 8, 2 parents and 6 kids. Just about every weekend, my mom would bake at least 12 dozen cookies, 2 pies, 2 cakes, and a pan of brownies. This is in addition to other treats like candy, soda, rice crispy treats, etc. Despite this, none of us were over weight at all. Thing is, we lived in the country so we were always active with either chores like gardening, or just playing for hours outside, when we went to play with kids in the area, it meant walking/running/ridding bike about a mile and when we got there, we played outside instead of sitting in front of a TV. I can even remember one time when one of my brothers was on a bowling league. His ride could't make it so he ran into the town about 8 miles with 2 bowling balls.

    In the end, nobody is forcing them to eat the bar, tho a treat every now and then can't be bad.

  • Yes, endorsement is not an issue

    Simone Beils is a gymnast in fantastic physical shape. Although eating chocolate is not going to promote similar achievements in the public, neither should the supposedly hypocritical endorsement be shot down preventing the athlete from gaining sponsorship money or in the interests of protecting the public. An occasional sugary treat is not a health worry.

  • High profile athletes and celebrities need to set an example for today's youth.

    With obesity rates at an all-time high and diabetes becoming a global epidemic, it is more important than ever for influential people in the public eye to guide today's youth to make healthy, positive choices. Our society's celebrity culture finds children and youth making more and more decisions based on people in the public eye, whether they be celebrities, musicians or athletes, and what those individuals are endorsing or promoting, rather than authority figures, such as parents, in their own lives. Because of this, professional athletes like Simone Biles need to be keenly aware of the impact their endorsements have on those who look up to them.

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