Simplifying your life is complicated. Complicating your life is simple.

Asked by: simpleman
  • I must totally agree on this one!

    People often spend their entire life not realizing the beauty of the smallest and simplest things, for some reason, always choosing the most complicated path to go through life. It is indeed more difficult to make your life more simple than the other way around. So much is said in just a few words.

  • Living Better Never Easy

    Living a simple life is not easy because of all the technology and other people in the world. A complicated life is easy to live because everything in life is already complicated so you don't have to change anything. The simpler a life to lead the more changes and work is necessary.

  • Yes and why

    The statement is true but what is to argue about, how confusing the statement is to some?.
    This isn't a very good yes or no question it's mostly a yes question relating to life and its complexities.
    There is just one question I have to ask you and thats why did you do this?
    In other words why did you make a statement where the only answer is yes?

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