Simpsons episode credited for saving lives: Can the power of cartoons be used for good?

  • Cartoons are an excellent medium for effective Public Service Announcements

    The most effective way to reach people is through the medium that they enjoy and trust. A perfect example of the trust and enjoyment that people get from cartoons is the fact that the Simpsons have been on the air daily for the last couple of decades. Since so many people, young and old, enjoy cartoons, they are the perfect medium for passing along good and useful messages.

  • Yes, cartoons can both entertain and educate.

    Yes, the power of cartoons can be used for good. A Simpsons episode in which the Heimlich maneuver is demonstrated has been credited for saving a life. Schoolhouse Rock has taught generations of young people about grammar and how our government works. Entertainers not only have an ability to change lives for the better, but a duty to do so.

  • Cartoons can be used for good

    Cartoons, or any television show, movie or music can be used for good. It is easier for a person to learn or accept a concept when they are relaxed and they escapist properties of art can be the perfect place to couch a lesson. Cartoons are the best because they can appeal to people of any age.

  • The Power of Cartoons can be used for Good

    The power of cartoons can be used for good; likewise, it can also be used for bad. Cartoons with any size of audience inevitably have influence on their viewers. Providing positive, uplifting messages to the audience can encourage the audience to be happier, better people. Cartoons can teach lessons via their characters, plots, and themes.

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