• Very immersive experience

    Sims is unquestionably far more entertaining in my personal opinion. Since the year 2000, Sims has delivered very convivial content that offers a very family-friendly and humorous take on the management of day to day life. There is much more engagement in Sims and yet that does not mean game play is overwhelming one bit. Might I add you can as well farm or per say garden on Sims? To my knowledge, there is just simply more content involved with the Sims. The capabilities stretch far and the Sims brings insight on proper responsibility and management. Receive proper education, raise a family, progress through a career, or simply enjoy a lovely game of chess in the park. Whatever it may be, Sims is the pure embodiment of what an ideal child life simulation game should be. Another thing about Sims is that the age limit of play is so universal. It surely can be enjoyed by a 6 year old as much as a 35 year old and that is really special. I would continue on about the positives of Sims, but I should probably stop typing now.

  • Sims is way better

    Sims is way better in my option. You can do almost everything that Farmville can. You can garden, grow animals, marry your sims etc.. This is why I like the sims game better then farmville it doesn't matter if its on your pc or phone or tablet sims is always better.

  • A fun cartoon game with a realistic touch makes me insane

    Farmville has a very simple format so children and adults enjoy a nice relaxing time drinking lemonade on their porch playing this game. Plus it has cowwwwwwwwws which is my favorite farm animal other than the chickennnnns. Sims has almost too many things to do it makes me overwhelmed and stressed

  • Very good game

    It good game. Game teaches you how to take care of animals and helps u live life as a farmer. So that is why farm life is da best. Also the Sims doesn't help you learn about animals. So that is all I have for you today. Hope yo understand

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