Simulating Extreme Programming and the Turing Machine?

Asked by: YYW
  • Yes, extreme programming is efficient.

    Yes, simulating extreme programming and the turing machine is beneficial, because it is technological progress. Extreme programming allows users to find more information more quickly. It is also a feat of engineering that programming can be done to this level, in a way that is so responsible to user demand. It is a positive technology.

  • Extreme Programming should not be used.

    The Turing Machine is not the only way to achieve this goal. There are many differing views as to whether or not the Turing Machine should be used this way. Simulating Extreme Programming is only one way to determine the fastest and best way to use these abstract ideas in the workplace.

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YYW says2013-06-11T00:35:13.297
They censored my argument! Blasphemy!