Since 2020 is such a terrible awful year, Are you terrified of 2021. ?

  • Yep yep and yep

    We went from an insulting clown to a demented old pervert who literally has no idea what he’s doing as the president, He’s going to probably ruin the Supreme Court by packing itand finally turn the last branch of government that’s not a clownhouse into a circus like the house and senate, Everyone riots just because an innocent black guy dies and hurt more innocent people, Were seriously on the path to f***ing anarchy here and who knows China’s gonna dominate us at this rate, Seriously if china or Russia goes to war with the u. S were gonna be screwed! Who the hell knows what covid will evolve to. Everyone’s gonna ballistic from these lockdowns and everyone just wants to go back to work! Ugh we got nowhere to go but down

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