Since atheism is still punishable by death in at least 13 countries, does it seem that their efforts and energies would be far better spent focusing on THOSE countries, rather than trying to convince all believers in America that there is no God?

Since atheism is still punishable by death in at least 13 countries, does it seem that their efforts and energies would be far better spent focusing on THOSE countries, rather than trying to convince all believers in America that there is no God?
  • Atheistic activism or efforts

    This country allows for ALL religious and non-religious beliefs to co-exist. Other countries forbid atheism completely. Instead of using our political system in America to fight religious freedom and religious images, it seems much more appropriate to go after countries who don't tolerate all ideas or belief (or non belief) systems.

  • Yes, life is more important than this

    Yes it is very important to set these people free because the people in America have freedom to become Atheists legally unless their family are controlling them. The people in America can still believe in God or not, it is their right but the people in the 13 countries do not have the right.

    We need to fight for people's freedom in these countries, so it does not slow human progress. They have a right to believe in God/ religion or not.

  • They are waiting their time on us.

    Atheists won't be able to change "true believers" opinions about god but they might be able to convince people that everyone deserves to have their own opinions. If everyone had the same opinions there would be no contrast in our world and we would have nothing to talk about nothing to fight for or truly believe in. A Utopian society would be boring and lifeless.

  • Absolutely it does, although the goals are not mutually exclusive

    Anyone who considers human rights to be important whether that person is an atheist, a Christian, a Jew, or anything else should care more about the fact that people are being put to death for their religious beliefs than whether or not they can convince other people in their own country that their beliefs or lack thereof are the correct ones.

    Our country should respond to this with diplomatic and economic sanctions, and depending on how bad it is even consider putting together an international coalition for military intervention.

    Still the goals are not mutually exclusive. You can be primarily concerned about protecting human rights but still want to peacefully persuade people to adopt your beliefs.

  • This is absurd

    I am a citizen of the United States, and my concern is what happens in my country. We support religious freedom here, but that does not mean that we are not allowed to express our belief that Christian's imaginary friend is not real. Just as I have to accept that Christians can (and often do) condemn everyone around them who does not conform to their beliefs, Christians must accept that I can (and will) express my belief that there is no deity.

    As a side note, I would love to express details of my beliefs right now, but I am going to show some tolerance and not - a form of maturity that many Christians should learn themselves.

  • Change starts at home

    This is a very poor attempt to silence the growing voice of atheism. We desperately need a public discourse that encourages critical thinking and intellectual honesty. Nothing stands in the way of this project more then the respect we accord religious faith. I have no doubt that acceptance of Christ coincided with some very positive changes in your life. There is no question that it is possible for people to have profoundly transformative experiences. And there is no question that it is possible for them to misinterpret these experiences, and to further delude themselves about the nature of reality. Clearly, it is time we learned to meet our emotional needs without embracing the preposterous. Nonbelievers like myself stand beside you, dumbstruck by the Muslim hordes who chant death to our nation. But we stand dumbstruck by you as well-by your denial of tangible reality, by the suffering you create in service to your religious myths, and by your attachment to an imaginary God. This is why I love this nation, to be free to say what I think, and the freedom it affords you to criticise what I say. And I would never wish to oppress any ones rights like the 13 countries you mentioned. So question everything and thank you for the question. Have a nice day.

  • Atheism is not trying to convince anybody there is no God, they are simply trying to get people to think.

    Atheists want people to think more carefully, skeptically and Rationally about what they put their faith in. Too many people are Ignorant of their own faith's problems.
    Many religious people, even priests and preachers that have actually sat down and considered the problems with their own faith have left their religions.
    There are numerous ex-preachers joining the league of atheists.
    Once the Western world becomes predominantly secular, then we can concentrate on those other naive countries.

  • No. We live here,

    You are projecting by thinking we need to go around the world de-converting people. Atheism means you don't believe in deities and many of us did and just stopped. We don't have missions to do anything in the name of Atheism,

    The weird thing is that we can have Atheists in any part of the world without proselytizing. This is the only "religion" that you can figure out for yourself. In Saudi Arabia about 3% of the population is Atheist but never admitted it. In Afghanistan a large number of University professors are secretly Atheists. You could kill ALL Atheist in one day and the next day you'd have to start over. If a person never hears about Jesus they'd never become Christian. You might believe that God might choose a new prophet or whatever but you really aren't Christian until 5.

    Our best bet in creating more Atheist is education. If you are illiterate I really doubt Atheism is going to appeal to you. Not to rag on illiterates but Atheism is a luxury, This is why it is more prominent in Western Europe and East Asia where the economies and education attainment are high.

    We need to protect the Atheist from being murdered because it's a violation of human rights, We should do the same if Christians or other religious followers were being killed. We don't do it as Atheist but instead as human beings. We are not like a religious people, most of us HAVE to be tolerant. Until recently the majority of Atheist would marry people of faith, it was rare to grow up in an Atheist home. I am outnumbered by believers at every family get-together and would rather not bring my beliefs up. I've never dated an Atheist nor is it a requirement. I do not know what it's like to be in an Atheist majority group, even most of my friends are religious. Why do I need to go overseas? I have an uphill battle for acceptance here.

    I am more in favor for secularism than just hoping a country is Atheist. If there is religious tolerance and through education Atheism grows naturally. The best way to help Atheist and other religious minorities there is through diplomacy and the media.

    I do root for Atheism but I care more about what people do than say. May I remind you that Atheism was punishable in Christian countries at one point too. We are a secular society that is being attacked by fundamentalists that keep trying to impose their views and opinions on the rest of us. If we keep our collective eye of the ball in the US we might drop it. Creationism crept up in the polls within the last four years. This is bad news for us as that means we have so shenanigans that are on the horizon on the education and separation of church and state fronts.

  • Atheists don't need to convince all people that god is not real

    Atheism is not a religion in the sense that while a religion is forced to expand, atheists, or at least many of them, would be happy with other ends. Atheists only care about spreading atheism in a way that is beneficial to them in some way or beneficial to someone else. Atheists tend to believe that a belief in god is holding society back. In their minds religion slows scientific progress and holds back progression on many social areas. Therefore atheists would like to get it out of their society so that progression can be made. The other motivation for atheists is a simple annoyance that people are wrong and this is essentially the same reason why people spread religion. Yet you never see people saying that religious people in America should stop trying to convince atheists that there is a god and convince people in the countries where their religion is a crime or against the societies beliefs. The other problem is that America has one of the best education systems in the world and it is easier to convince smart people that there is no god. This isn't too say that many smart people don't believe in god. Just the smart and educated people are willing to think about it.

  • And let America turn into a theocracy?

    I really hope you're not this stupid. I think the entire world should be helping those countries liberate from the cancer that is Islam, but that doesn't mean that atheists should let the religious fundamentalists and extremists turn the US into a theocracy, which is what idiots like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio are trying to accomplish. Atheism is also the lack of believe in a god or gods. Learn the proper terminology.

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dvande28 says2014-01-09T03:39:15.307
Afghanistan has the lowest percentage of Christians. American Christians should go to Afghanistan and preach Christianity there, instead of in the United States,
freespeechfreelancer says2014-01-14T18:31:22.990
The Muslim faith will not allow for Christianity to co-exist along side of it. Christianity will allow for and does tolerate the Muslim faith. Muslims kill Christians, but I am not aware of Christians who are actively killing Muslims. Christians will go anywhere they are allowed to and accepted. Muslims are convinced that their religion is THE only correct and right one for all people. World dominance is their goal. If people do not accept it willingly, then it is forced upon them.