Since evolution is just a theory and Christian theism hasn't been falsified, should Creationism be taught alongside evolution in schools?

Asked by: Geneaux
  • Hundreds of PhD's Support Creationism.

    Hundreds of PhD's in biological and relevant sciences provide evidence that evolution is a virtual impossibility, and that the scientific evidence points to an intelligent designer. Many non-religious scientists, as well, agree that Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism fall far short of being sufficient explanations for evolution, and that no one has come up with a purely materialistic reasonable explanation for it.


  • Evolution is no more proven than creation

    Evolution does not have enough valid evidence to be favored in schools. Evolution is ,contrary to popular opinion, NOT PROVEN, nor can it be tested by the scientific method therefore it has no basis in science and should not be taught in any science class anywhere in the United States.

  • Creationism is Not for Public Schools

    Creationism is not based on scientific evidence it's not a law it's not even a theory it's just hearsay just like the religions it has been primarily infused by which is the (The Trinity) Christianity Islam and Judaism which are also hearsay. Evolution should be taught in school only because it is based on scientific evidence. It's not just a Theory it is A FACT. It is the Truth!

  • Topic Conflates Theory and Theism

    Evolution may be a theory, there is no "just a theory" though. Theism of an sort is not a theory. Theism shouldn't be taught alongside evolution in the same way that stamp collecting shouldn't be taught alongside evolution. Schools have more than enough to do trying to produce literate and functional graduates without giving them more work that will do noting but detract from the value of science education.

  • "Theory" has more weight than what most people think

    I see these two arguments more often than I should, because they're not very good. People who argue this seem to think that a "theory" doesn't have a lot of actual evidence behind it; it's just an idea that someone's had. In the scientific world, however, a theory is a lot more beefy. A scientific theory is a an explanation of an element of the world that has been reached through the scientific method and that has been repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation. The best theories even predict observations that haven't been made yet. The theory of evolution has an extraordinary amount of evidence supporting it. Here's my favorite bit: antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Not too long ago, these superbugs didn't exist. However, slight genetic mutations in these bacteria have, over time, made them resistant to the antibiotics used to treat infections. This is exactly what the theory of evolution predicts-- a random genetic mutation is beneficial to an organism and allows it to survive in its habitat better than its competitors, in this case the habitat is a sick person and the competition are non-antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The ability to resist antibiotics allow the antibiotic-resistant strain to thrive and spread to other people, and a new strain of superbug is born! This has been observed on several occasions, MRSA being the most popular example. In short, the theory of evolution, despite being "just a theory", has an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting it.

    Now we move on to the "you can't prove me wrong" excuse. This may be true, but you can't prove that you're right, either. In a scientific setting-- the one that the theory of evolution should be considered in-- supporting evidence is critical. However, no piece of observational or experimental evidence exists that supports the notion of Creationism, Christian Theism, or any religion for that matter. A lack of supporting evidence kills a scientific hypothesis, and it should kill Theism in a scientific environment.

    I am not opposed to Creationism and Christian Theism being taught in schools. However, Creationism should remain only in theology courses, while evolution should inhabit the science classes.

  • Teach Zeus instead

    The questions shows a lack of understanding of the term theory in science. Evolution is accepted by the majority of scientists. Year on year, more evidence has been provided to fill in the "gaps".

    Creationism is just a myth and can never be disproved but more importantly proved. In New Zealand, there are creation myths as well, they cant be disproved like creationism, so using the questions logic it should be taught as well.

    Also, evolution has nothing to do with religion, it is just an accepted theory based on evidence of the observed world to explain how species developed. Creationism is all about religion and should not be taught in a science class.

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