Since the state is separated from church, should references to religion be removed from our money?

Asked by: Thiago.Pires
  • There is nothing to be gained from keeping the "In God we Trust" logo

    The Americans have their motto "In God we trust", which I believe is silly since there are many americans who do not necessarily believe in that same God (meaning they believe in more than one, none, or an entity that cannot be called God).

    Money is something everybody uses, and to have a reference to Christianity in the dollar bill makes it so that Americans of other faiths feel excluded or singled out and not part of the group.

    Come on, this is a mistake that is so easy to correct, why have we not changed it yet?

  • Biased and segregationist

    What is the necessity of having references to religion in government money in the first place? It does not really have any benefits to the referenced religion other than permanent nationwide recognition, which is an unfair privilege to give to a single religion.

    Reference to a particular faith in money is disrespectful for the participants of other religious systems, since it puts them in a position of oppression. It also sends the message that in reality, there are still strong ties between church and state, which is something the global community should be trying to avoid.

  • It was only added due to McCarthyism anyway.

    The "In God We Trust" nonsense was added to our paper currency the same time Congress shoved "under God" into our Pledge of Allegiance- in the mid-50s, when the Red Scare was in full swing and Americans were just desperate to prove they weren't "godless commies".

    It not only serves no purpose, but is against the principles on which this nation was founded- its original motto "E Pluribus Unum".

  • Yes. All it does is give a stepping stone for people try try to stuff more religion into our country.

    The background behind "In God we Trust" was to try to unify America during the Civil War. It was basically supposed to show that we are not that different and that we are "one nation under God". It was strategic, and nothing more, so it should be removed now. I have come across several Christians arguing that there is no such thing as separation of church and state simply because of the money, so if it is going so far as to distract people from the Constitution and the foundation for this country, it must be removed,

  • Of course it should

    The reason "In God we trust" was put on US currency and "under God" was instituted in the pledge was to solidify the culture of the United States during a period of turmoil. The US used to be much more religious in the past and this religious sentiment increased in the 50's and on-wards because of the threat of communism. The US government wanted to introduce religion into everyday aspects of American life because our government wanted to state that we were "better" than the communist atheists.

    Technically speaking, the only reason we had these terms was t combat communism by attributing Atheism to it. Thus, anyone who didn't believe in God was a potential communist. This caused dissent in the American people where the United States began to become more moralist during the 50's, 60's, and rose again during the 80's. We became much more racist than usual (the communists started targeting minorities and promoted "equality"), homophobic (homosexuality began to be thought of as a disease), and anti-immigrant (we enacted a closed-door policy which contrasted with the open-door policy during the 30's). This era was known as the Fourth Great Awakening.

    Now that we know better and the world is becoming more and more secularist, the US government should be obligated to remove religion from anything national (such as on the currency and in the pledge).

  • Yes it should

    Most money in this country is virtual and does not bear any print whatsoever. There is nothing to qualify value anymore. Most Americans do not even use paper money. If we are going to have something about some god on paper, does this mean that only religious people can use paper money? Then in this same line of logic, should only atheists use virtual money because it doesn't reference a god? If that is the case, give the virtual money to the atheists and paper to the religious. Even the Jesus says in the Bible in reference to coins to give back to Caesar what has his face on it. Thus, give back to God what has his name on it. Since God does not run this country, why should it be on our money?

  • Tradition and Culture

    The logo on the American dollar "In God We Trust" has been around for a very long time. It doenst make sense to change it today because there are other people who dont believe in God. Its not segregation because atheists also segregate us with other things, so it is like affirmative action but for religious people.

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