Since there are so many things about the Police. Are you for (yes) or against (no) them?

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  • The Badge Is Not A Murder Weapon

    Police Officers are in place to protect us, not harm us. Even with all of the recent reports of misconduct, it must be realized that there are 1.1 million full-time police officers in the U.S. as of 2008, and the reports against them individually are shadowed by the collective number. Basically, more officers protect than harm, and as of a personal opinion the people that tend to hate the police are often in trouble with the law.

  • We need police

    We need police to settle domestic problems and to enforce the law. There has to be some kind of law enforcement right? And while the media has been covering a lot of police brutality for the past hundred years or something, it doesn't mean we do away with them altogether. The problem in many cases is that either the police has too much power, or those who command the police make the police do things that are bad. Taking away the police is not the answer. Taking away some power in some cases is.

  • It varies from person to person

    You ask an average person they will probably be for the police. You ask a thug they will probably be against. Now do not think I'm saying that all thugs are against or all people are for. But perspective is perheps the most important part to this question. Now there have been countless news stories about cops abusing their power. There is inherently two issues here. One is the media fear mongers and spins hate. Two is because of prior statement every story is either a lie or a twisted truth. Are there bad cops out there? Of course there are but that doesn't mean the entire force is bad. I've personally never had a problem with cops

  • I am for good police.

    With out them we would be so unsafe. There would be gangs running around killing more people than they all ready do. They are usually polite, nice and friendly. They have saved many people from rape and even death. They deserve to be awarded for risking their lives for our protection. Some cops are racist and cruel but most cops aren't. Anyone who says no should live with out cops for one month and see who comes when they have a repost knocking on true door.

  • Really... Lame Question.

    If there were no police, there would be no one to enforce the law. Thus, there would be chaos everywhere. No one would be safe. If you complain about how the police are racist, the Michael Brown story was picked up the media, and they ran with it without any proper evidence.

  • The police are here for our protection.

    A lot of people like to hate on police but without them our society would be in shambles. Depending on the area they operate in, A lot of police do not earn a lot of money and a large amount of the police force are volunteers who try to better the community.

  • This question is inherently biased.

    This question almost forces a person to choose between supporting officers or supporting complete anarchy. Almost nobody on either side of the police debate is arguing for the removal of police as an entity. Instead, people are arguing that police should be held accountable for violations of the law. In other words, even though the vast majority of police officers do good, that should not "justify" officers' misconduct. Otherwise, one might be able to justify rape by suggesting that the vast majority of people are good, and that there are only a few cases of rape compared to the majority of people.

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