Since unhealthy products like cigarettes are not allowed to be advertised on TV, shouldn't we do the same with fast food products?

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  • Because cigarretes are not allowed to be advertised neither should fast food.

    The government has gone too far already but for the sake of equality everything unhealthy should be banned. Cigarettes should not have been singled out above the other unhealthy things like alcohol. Alcohol can cut your life short a lot sooner than cigarettes and can also help to kill others. A drunk driver can kill himself and many others. A smoker only shortens their own life. As much as some bang on about passive smoking, it has never directly killed anyone. We have to breath the toxic fumes of cars too. Should cars be banned as well?
    Tobacco is legal so why can't it be advertised. It is ridiculous that they ban the advertising of a legal product. If its so bad they should make it illegal.

  • Smokers die early yet happy... While fast food consumers die slowly and depressed...... Ratio is almost equal by 2014 or 2015

    A healthy person who smoke thrice a day or so may have a low chance of dying early. Whereas fast food consumer eating thrice a day will definitely get into a lot more trouble. We have banned cigarettes, negative marketing making it a social menace whereas leading fast food consumers are opening their new branches all around the globe maker world an unhealthy place and as if no body really cares..

  • I agree with this, because I am a big advocate of health and this should not be allowed.

    I am a big advocate against being unhealthy and obesity in children, which is growing by the numbers, and I feel that fast food should not be advertised on TV, because it is some of the unhealthiest food out there, and children see that and demand it. It is almost as bad as seeing tobacco or alcohol ads. Fast food is a no-no.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49

    Since cigarettes arent advertised due to the diseases they cause, but food doesnt cause obesity? Obestiy is an enormous epidemic in the US and yet still continues to be one. So saying that fast food advertisements should be advertised is absolute neglagence.
    Although yes people are physically responsible for what they put into their body, food advertisements make it hard for one to resist especiallly if you arent well self disciplined. 300,000 people die every year due to being obese, if this rate continues it will surpass Smoking as the leading cause of preventable deaths in the US.. so should we ban food advertisements now? YES!

  • Cigarettes are not the worse thing in the world.

    There are so much worse things out there. in my opinion a person who eats fast food everyday but doesn't smoke is worse off than a person who smokes and doesn't eat fast food.

  • I agree that all unhealthy products should be banned from advertising on TV so that our children are less influenced by those products.

    Advertising on TV is always misleading. Children cannot tell whether a product in a commercial is healthy or not. They will only pay attention to it when there are some cartoons, or anything they find interesting. When they do that, they will connect with that brand. So if fast food advertising is banned from TV, the parents can provide a better message to the children in saying that fast food is unhealthy.

    Posted by: FStephan
  • Fast food advertising should be banned from TV as it is just as likely to be addictive and cause health problems as products that are already banned, like tobacco.

    Cigarettes and liquor are not allowed to be advertised on television because they could cause young people to want to try the products and there is a high risk of becoming addicted to these substances. Fast food (which is normally higher in calories, cholesterol, and fat content) can be just as potentially addictive and is associated with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

    Posted by: babyloncat
  • I agree with your opinion.

    I agree because children are very interested in watching television, especially advertisement. They are trying to imitating these activities. These advertisements easily influence their lives.

    Posted by: 5h4ngMaxi
  • Cigarettes aren't any worse than fat food in terms of the diseases it causes later in life.

    Technically, people should know for themselves what they should and should not to in order to be healthy, and it is the job of the government to make sure they're educated in this. Since this is not what is happening, things that are detrimental to health and cause serious diseases later on should not be advertised. You cannot ban one thing and not the other. It confuses people and doesn't send the right messages.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • Too Many People On The Planet

    Don't ban fast food advertising, in fact I vote for advertising cigarettes again. The world has too many people so I vote to encourage people to eat what they want, smoke what they want etc. We need to lower the population levels worldwide. The way to do this is to let the fat ones eat what they want, the smokers smoke what they want, the drunks should drink as much as they can, you get my point.

  • Fast food simply has the potential to be unhealthy, whereas cigarettes are entirely unhealthy.

    Fast food is unhealthy mainly because of the choices of those eating it. It is not all inherently unhealthy and, in moderation, even the unhealthy portions are fine to eat. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are always unhealthy, whether the person is a habitual smoker or simply smoking a single cigarette. There is no moderation with cigarettes.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • In a perfect world, maybe we shouldn't advertise fast food products on television, but this is ridiculously unfounded, and there are plenty of fast food products that are also healthy.

    McDonald's has taken great strides to come up with more healthy options for consumers to eat. While consumers need to watch how much they eat, the food, itself, isn't what is going to kill you. Cigarettes, no matter the consumption, are immediately bad for you from the very beginning. We are talking about two different ball games here, and it is ludicrous to suggest that we shouldn't advertise fast food on television.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • Government control has gone too far in what can and cannot be advertised.

    Not only should these commercials be allowed to remain, but our rights to free speech should allow the unrestricted ability of advertisers to place their message where they deem appropriate. It is the responsibility of the individual as to what he/she buys, and it's not the government's job to intercede their beliefs into restrictions on the freedoms in which our forefathers felt to be so dear.

    Posted by: ConcernedLevi
  • The government controls enough, so they should not try to control the food industry.

    The amount of control the government has is enough. I believe people should be able to choose what they eat. Fast food is not wrong, or even terribly unhealthy, so long as it is not in excess. Cigarettes cause lung cancer, but fast food does not cause death. People who indulge in fast food and do not take care of themselves will have problems because of fast food. The blame for this is on the person who ate the food, not the company that advertised it.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey
  • Advertising is not allowed for cigarettes because cigarettes have been found to cause cancer, where fast food products only cause weight gain and, because of this, the commercials should be allowed.

    The destructiveness of one's health by smoking cigarettes is a lot worse than eating something unhealthy, like fast food. In fact, if one normally exercises and eats other healthy meals, fast food will have little effect on a person. It is because of this, that fast food commercials should still be allowed.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No, there is no point, because I see cigarettes on TV all the time

    What's the difference? I see cigarettes on TV all the time in movies. They may not be able to have them in commercials, but they find ways to sneak them into movies or into TV shows. Just like fast food. They would just find ways to sneak them into TV shows and movies, like they do with cigarettes. I really do not see where it would make a difference. Even like the Internet. They find ways to sneak them in to spam emails. The government does not seem to be able to regulate it like they are supposed to.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • You can't equate cigarettes with fast food.

    Fast food isn't deadly if used in moderation; cigarettes are always harmful. For many folks, fast food is a convenient, inexpensive, OCCASIONAL stand-in for a healthier home-cooked meal. Really, I don't think fast food is all that worse nutritionally than packaged foods like mac n' cheese, or even a lot of 'fancy' restaurant entr?es with Alfredo and hollandaise sauce. We need to trust people to make good judgments about their own bodies.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • I don't believe that all fast food options are unhealthy, there are several options at fast food restaurants that support healthy eating.

    I have seen over the last few years several fast food companies have been giving customers better choices to eat healthier. McDonalds offers in their kids meals, apples in stead of French fries, and Wendy's offers mandarin oranges instead of French fries, just to name a few. As for adult choices, there is no reason to ban commercials for fast food restaurants, because we are all capable of making better choices even at fast food restaurants.

    Posted by: IaurM0n5t3r
  • I think that we cannot view these two things as equal.

    I believe that these two things are complete opposites. We can say that cigarettes and fast food are both bad for our health, but when we are smoking, we also harming the health of the people around us. When we are eating fast food, we are only doing bad to ourselves.

    Posted by: M0i53I2

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