• Sing looks like a must-see family flick.

    I do think that Sing will be the number one holiday movie this year. The fact that it is family-friendly will be a huge draw, but it looks like a film that will appeal to audiences of any age. t is the perfect time of year for a film like Sing to come out, and I think the box office results will reflect that.

  • "Sing" will be the #1 holiday movie.

    "Sing" will be the #1 holiday movie. It is a cartoon so it is family friendly which increases viewership several fold, especially since the holidays are a time when kids are off and families are looking for things to do and places to go. It also comes from a generally successful studio who has proven their ability to make money with previous films.

  • No: It's not as popular

    There are many more popular holiday movies out other than Sing. Considering this is aimed towards a specific audience, many other people may opt out of seeing it themselves, therefore lowering the viewing rate. Other classics are hard to beat as well especially during this time of year with the holidays.

  • No, there is no competing with Star Wars

    Despite obvious flaws, the Force Awakens was a hit amongst fans. Fans of this franchise have been waiting with bated breath for Rogue One to come out. I doubt that any other film released during the season will be able to compete with it. Yes, Sing looks promising but Star Wars has a legacy that can't be ignored.

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