• It is very likely.

    Sing features the talents of a number of big name stars, much more so than Frozen, and these names are sure to be a box office draw. In addition to this, Disney films are enjoying a resurgence at the box office of late with Moana making more than Frozen in its opening weekend. This suggests that Sing will continue with this trend.

  • Frozen all the way

    Let it go!!! Let it go!!! Let it go because Frozen has the ability to be one of the top Disney movies in terms of the box office. Sure, Sing is funny, but the plot line, creativeness, and characters make Frozen one of the top box office movies (for children), and I for one, hope it stays that way!

  • Very unlikely that Sing will beat Frozen

    Frozen had everything going for it - a great story, a great soundtrack, and great characters - in particular Elsa. People connected with the movie and characters on a deep, personal level, and that resulted in incredibly positive word of mouth advertising and a large number of repeat viewings. Frozen became larger than life, and gained almost a cult following. I just can't see a movie which is being billed as a comedy gaining the same following and generating the massive worldwide box office numbers which Frozen did. Of course, I still can't understand how Minions did as well as it did.

  • No, the success of that film was an unforseen phenomenon

    From what I've read, people did not expect Frozen to do as well as it did. In my opinion that film covered themes that have been done better by Disney in the past yet they didn't receive nearly as much praise. From the trailers Sing looks pretty cookie cutter for a kid's movie. Even Zootopia which is a far more creative title than Frozen was able to match its success.

  • No, Sing will not surpass Frozen at the box office.

    While Sing has been running lots of advertisements and gotten lots of attention, to surpass Frozen in the box office is a bit too ambitious. Frozen is the most ubiquitous animated movie since The Little Mermaid, and to outdo it in sales would be to eclipse a pop cultural phenomenon.

  • "Sing" will not surpass "Frozen' at the box office.

    "Sing" will not surpass "Frozen' at the box office. While "Sing" can easily be a another hit for their production company, Illumination, and this holiday season, it would take a lot to surpass "Frozen". "Frozen" had the Disney franchise behind them which can easily catapult any production to further success.

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