• I think its bad AND good

    Boys and girls should be able to talk to each other. I mean this COULD lead to sexual harassment and stuff. It's more likely to happen if boys and girls are together. It's good because it doesn't matter who you're working with, students should learn to work together. It's not like you can stay away and not talk to one gender forever.

  • It's not right.

    Boys and girls should be able to socialise together in a normal. There is absolutely no reason to separate boys and girls from each other. Both sexes interact together almost incessantly in the real world. Even in classes based purely on male or female issues, should be mixed. We should all have as much information on both sexes. Most of the world believes that men and women are equal and should be treated the same, so why should we separate ourselves from on and other?

  • It is bad

    I feel girls and boys should be able to socialize. Being separated from kindergarten to high school to me would not be a good idea because I believe it gives them it doesn't give them a chance to interact and grow to understand and be comfortable with the opposite sex. I can see a few pros that would come out of having separate classrooms, but at the end of the day I think the cons out do the pros.

  • Agree with you

    If we seperate guys and gals we will never gain any social skills and population will decrease because more men will be bachelors. Girls help guys not be as crazy and if it werent for guys girls would all think themselves are ugly. And i agree this is completely sexist

  • Single gender classrooms is NOT good

    This is a crazy and sexist idea. Children need to be able to interact with all genders and even all races or people of different religions. There will be a time in life where this will happen and separating males from females will not help them to be able to work with people who are different. The diversity in the room would be there but very slim.

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