Single gender classrooms should be the new educational policy

Asked by: Vexation
  • This is from an All-girls school veteran of 7 years

    I started out at a coed public elementary where I was bullied by students. Girls can be catty and mean, but rejection from little boys as an awkward small, nerdy, heavy set girl is a thousand times worse. I moved schools to attend a private All-girls catholic school (I chose it because it was all-girls not for religious reasons.) for middle/highschool. I have since become an assertive and confident girl who is not afraid to challenge boys my age academically or assert myself around them. Contrary to the popular misconception, I feel that being in a same sex classroom has actually benefited how I relate to boys by helping me to overcome my fears of interacting with them.

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  • How will single gender classroom policy even benefit us

    Girls and boys need to know how to interact with each other and understand each other's feelings. I mean, many are going to marry with the opposite gender, and making a single gender classroom policy will make it eeven harder for girls to understand boys and vice versa. And what's wrong with having different genders in a classroom? Boys and girls are pretty much the same humans, just different body parts and thoughts.

  • It is a good idea in theory. In practice, it would likely fail.

    This runs the risk of inviting further segregation in classrooms, and would limit the student's ability to interact with the opposite gender. Even if a student decides to never pursue a romantic relationship with the opposite gender, they need the skills to work with them; as the world is split roughly 50:50 gender wise.

  • That's a bad idea

    Boys and girls need to learn how to interact with each other. They need to learn how to be together so that when they grow up they are not totally weird when ever they're around the opposite gender. Kids need to be exposed to the world around them and the world is not just made up of one gender.

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