Single parent households is said to be the one of those issues affecting young people worldwide...Is that true?How?Any resolution?

Asked by: Siphesihle
  • That is true!

    I think single parent household is the one of those issues that affect young people, many womens grew their child by theirselves usually, they mostly get dumped by their mens. In my point of view I think this can only be resolved by getting married before having a baby .

  • The affects vary.

    Of course it affects some young children but the variables therein are countless. Personally, from a very young age my mother and father divorced and I grew up in a single-parent household. I quite liked it! That is to say, there was nothing unfortunate about it. I still got to see my father on days appointed by court and otherwise on days discussed between my mother and father. Dare I say, the single-parent household was definitely not one of issues I had growing up. What I think a child needs is understanding and love. A child needs room to grow, explore, and be a child. There are plenty of children who grow up without one parent or another and grow up well. And on the contrary, some children with both parents do not. Of course, there are things like a parent that is missing entirely, where a child has never met them ever before. But with good enough parenting, love and affection and understanding, the worse of it is a curiosity after who their mother or father was (whether dead or absent by choice). What's more important, I think, is that a child has what is essential... Biological parents (one, two, or a hundred) don't matter. Love, knowledge, understanding, and room to grow is the best of it. The problems arise when there is a lack of those things and subcategories and issues pertaining to those things.

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