Single-payer universal health care: Are there sound proposals for paying for added costs?

  • Single-Payer Universal Health Care is Worth Cost

    Single-payer universal health care is worth paying for added costs. A single-payer system would let people choose their doctors and hospitals and would guarantee that people got coverage for every service that was medically necessary. This is not the case now as many people with pre-existing conditions are denied coverage. Also, a single-payer system would get rid of managed care reviewers, thus allowing doctors and patients to have a better relationship.

  • The Current Proposed Healthcare System Does Not Have One Sound Proposal

    In addressing the multiple issues that will arise from the current single-payer universal healthcare system being advocated, there are few sound proposals for any of the problems that invariably will arise. There is not a logical measure in place to compensate for any of the extra costs that appear to be a foregone conclusion once this healthcare system takes full effect, especially the added expenses that are clearly becoming more evident as more of the details surrounding the system are unveiled. The new healthcare bill has the potential to drive our nation’s healthcare system to an even worse state of affairs than it was before this administration got their hands on it.

  • Will Not Work In The US

    Single-payer universal health care will not work in the US because with the way that our economy is structured there is no way that US citizens would be willing to accept proposals, sound or not sound, for paying added costs to support the single player system. People are already complaining about being taxed too much, if they were taxed more so with a universal health care system based on single-payer, there might be chaos.

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