Single-payer universal health care: Is competition a bad thing in health care?

  • Healthcare competition can be a bad thing when the market is rigged

    Competition within marketplaces usually makes for a better pricing and services for consumers. Unfortunately we have seen over the past century that insurance companies handling healthcare only lines the pockets of the insurance companies. We are one of the only highly industrialized countries that doesn't have socialized medicine. After world war 2 England decided to enact a single payer system, even when they were in terrible economic times from rebuilding. If the could then, we in America sure can now! If people don't have to worry about their health bills, and if companies don't have to worry about health plans, people should be able to have more happy and productive lives. It's not right that a significant portion of bankruptcies result from unexpected medical bills.

  • Health is something people should have a right to, like education

    Everyone can get sick, therefore everyone should fund this system in the form of taxes. Single-payer health care is the best system in the world. Everyone should be able to go to the doctor when they're sick. Private-insurance system is not what the common person would want. Companies are for-profit, therefore their priority is to make money, and the way they make money is denying the most care that they can. SIngle-payer is the way to go.

  • No, competition is a good thing.

    Competition in health care is very a good thing, not a bad thing. Competition within health care providers will end up increase the quality and services that patients receive from providers. It will also end up lowering prices as health care providers will be battling against each other to attract more patients.

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