Single-payer universal health care: Is single-payer health care a good idea?

  • Health care shouldn't give you a headache

    There are so many forms, so many conditions, so many things shifting like the tide in the average insurance company. Who gets paid, when do they get paid, why haven't they been paid? It's enough to drive you crazy, but you wouldn't want to actually go crazy because god only knows what forms you'd need to fill out for that, too. With single-payer universal health care, the who, what, when, where, why and how become less of a bureaucratic tangle and health providers can simply concentrate on providing the best care. Patients can concentrate on maintaining their health.

  • For Profit Health Care Hasn't Served Public Health

    The single payer health care system would benefit public health. While many believe that they are not paying for the uninsured of the US with their private insurance, they are wrong. The uninsured tax our emergency health care system with minor problems and because they do not have preventative care, they become a drain on the system with chronic diseases and catastrophic illnesses. If everyone was getting basic care, the cost of health care would decrease and the single payer system would be manageable.

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