Single-payer universal health care: Would a universal health care system be good for businesses?

  • Yes, universal health care may be good for businesses.

    I think that universal health care could be good for some businesses. They would no longer be burdened with the sole responsibility of providing health care for their workers. They could have that weight shifted to the government or at least share the responsibility with the government. Workers might be healtheir and therefore more productive.

  • Single-payer system would take the pressure of businesses

    A single-payer health care system would benefit everyone, especially businesses. By lifting the burden of providing coverage for employees, businesses will save money on human resources by lightening the work load. Also, if more people had health insurance that they knew would pay out every time they got sick, and didn't have to wonder about electing a procedure and wondering if the insurance company would pay out afterwards. If the government wants us all to have health care, why not just provide it, rather than mandating that individuals and businesses have to pick up the slack?

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