Single-payer universal health care: Would universal health care be more economically efficient?

  • Yes,universal health care would be more economically efficient.

    In the long run universal health care would be more economically more efficient than the current system.Doctors and other health care providers would be paid a standard fee.Hospitals would save money because fewer people would come to their emergency rooms for standard care and individuals would save because they would know what their health care costs would be.

  • Government Run Healthcare Would Result in Less Competition and Efficiency

    Programs currently run by the government are notoriously inefficient. They are massive bureaucracies that take forever to get any work done. Since there is no competition for business, because there is only a single-payer, there is no incentive to run more effectively or efficiently. There is no incentive to be cost-effective. There is no recourse for ineffective or inefficient support because there is nowhere else to go. It is bad for the consumer and bad for the providers to have a single-payer system.

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