Single-sex schools: Are single sex schools a good idea?

  • Single sex schools are a good idea.

    Single sex schools are a good idea because they remove distractions from the classroom. School age kids are undergoing a lot of change in their lives when they start puberty. They should not have to deal with complex social situations in the same place where they are supposed to be learning. They can learn to deal with the opposite sex outside the classroom.

  • Can improve performance

    Single sex schools have definite benefits for many students. Girls mature faster than boys in the same environment, up to and through high school age; single-sex schools allow teachers to focus on a narrower range of development. As they get older, certain children may become distracted by the opposite sex.

  • Takes Distractions Out of Education

    Single-sex schools are a great idea because it takes distractions away from the classroom. It's hard to concentrate when boys ogle at girls and girls whisper about how cute boys are. There's no passing notes, no texting to your friends and no flaunting over members of the opposite sex in higher grades. Same-sex schools are a good idea that should be looked into more fervently.

  • Yes, single-sex schools are a good idea.

    While I was in a school with both genders present, I have read that same-sex schools can help kids excel. Girls, especially, can benefit, because they don't feel like they're being usurped by boys. They feel more likely to raise their hands and engage in the class conversation when they're in girl-only classrooms. While it may not be a schooling method that is required, it might be a good option for students who feel intimidated .

  • Single sex schools are a good idea.

    Parents want to raise their children the way they want. Some would prefer their children go to single sex schools. Many times hormonal changes mixed with the opposite sex in the schools distract children and teens from their studies. Many believe there isn't as much fighting and bullying in single sex schools due to the elimination of the other sex' presence.

  • Socialization Skills Decreased

    When boys and girls are not together, how is a guy going to be comfortable talking to anybody except other guys? The same goes for girls. My cousin goes to a single sex school and doesn't care for it, but I care deeply for it. This is just my opinion.

  • Losing Social Contact

    When boys or girls go to Same-Sex schools, they will only learn how to get well with their own sex, not their opposite. So when they get out of school, they won't be able to work with their opposite sex well. They will become socially awkward and have a hard time going and flowing along with their life.

  • No Single sex classrooms

    Single sex classrooms can cause people to do many things. Some states do not allow gay marriage. Some young children will be forced to like the same sex because they have had a lack of exposure to the opposite sex. One more problem I have with it is that my son likes girls and he is going into a single sex classroom next year. He is a very impressionable young man and I don't want him to become someone that he is not meant to be.

  • It was likely a god punishment!

    I disagree with the ideas that "single-gender schools are a good idea." I used to be in a single sex school for three years, and you know what I saw about the male students? Most of them turned into a bisexual, homogeneous. They were going out with each other — dating with each other — while they were both the same gender. Moreover, being in a coeducational school is a better idea. Students will know how they should act with the opposite gender, in this point, they will be able to make friend a lot more easier in the next future and they will know how to interact with the co-workers who are in the opposite gender.

  • Single sex schools are not a good idea

    Single sex schools are not a good idea. This is because of the fact that men and women need to be around each other while they are developing or things will get confusing later on in life for them. Men and women would have an even harder time being around each other if they were not used to each other in schools.

  • Bad Social Implications

    I believe single sex schools are a bad idea. In general society both genders must interact on a daily basis and children learn the skills to do this later in life by interacting with both genders at home and out in public. It is important for children to be exposed to these social encounters early and often, so they can function properly in the real world.

  • School is a time for socialization

    No, same sex schools are not a good idea. Students / children learn social skills through school and the interaction of others attending school with them. How developed will their relationship skills be if they are only allowed, for the most part, to socialize with the same sex? It is an injustice to limit a child's experience in schools to only the same sex.

  • It is boring !

    I strongly think that single sex schools is not a good idea. At all. Because it is really boring to study in a class full of boys or girls. Especially when you are developing, you need to communicate and be with both gender, so that you will know the difference between girls and boys. Moreover, if you study in a school with just girls or boys, then how will you struggle with the other gender when you are older, working in a company with both girls and boys?!
    In addition, I personally believe that, study in a school with just boys or girls can easily turn you straight into GAY or LESBIAN. Cause you are teenager, remember? Anything can happen!

  • Separate is not equal

    Having a single sex school would result in a difference between the education of males and females. As we learned in the past, separate is not equal. This would also result in a lack of interaction between males and females which can lead to a poor ability to interact with the opposite sex as an adult.

  • The limit social interaction

    Within a single sex school while it allows for much more same sex bonding it drastically limits opposite sex interaction. This I feel is outweighed by the negative effects of lack of interaction with the opposite sex. While we may not completely understand our own sex we have a better understanding of it than opposite sex so we as humans need more time and need to put forth more effort to understand the opposite sex than what a single sex school allows.

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