Single-sex schools: Are single-sex schools consistent with modernity?

  • I think they should be allowed.

    They should be allowed because people like different things and if they can't focus because of certain things going on, like dating, they can go to same-sex schools and I agree that it's not our choice if they date with the same gender in these schools. It's their choice, and that's why I think they should be allowsed

  • We're not wise when teenagers

    Teenagers do want to live a sexual life , to make sex partners . That is because of the physical changes we accure at this age ... Attraction becomes stronger to the opposite sex , so we should prevent mistakes to be made .Pregnancy and sex deseases happen a lot now a days because of the teenagers' ignorance

  • Yes a doodle

    Lets face it girls get distracted by boys which bring there academics down drastically. Boys do try and show off in front of girls to try and "impress" them. I believe strongly in single sex schools and will defiantly send my daughter/son to a single sex school. Everyone wants a good matrix, right?

  • Go single-sex schools!!!

    I agree men and women must have equal rights, but that doesn't mean they're equal, as no man is equal to another man and no woman to another woman, and they have exactly the same rights. The thing about single-sex schools is they allow each gender to develop they're own specific abilities and qualities.

  • Single-sex schools are good.

    Going to an all girls single-sex school and a mixed school, I had no trouble with isolation from boys and understanding equality. Boys were a distraction at the mixed school, yet there were no distractions at the all girls school. We still socialised with the boys grammar school, so interacting was not difficult.

  • Keep 'em in line

    Teens having sex before marriage is their decision,but if we want teens to stay abstinent single-sex schools are the way. Single sex schools can be modern all in their own way. Some may say that girls may become lesbians and boy may become gay ,but most of the population is straight. Peer pressure which I am not saying is good may also keep them straight in both ways and in line.

  • Single sex schools are bad

    Single-sex schools are not consistent with modern feminist ideas. Haven’t women been fighting to be equal in society for many decades? If children are sent to gender separated schools, that would counter many feminist ideas. Single sex schools would hold women from full social inclusion. “Many single-sex schools encourage female academic achievement, but they discourage academic competition with males.” If girls at single-sex schools are not encouraged to compete with males, then they would be held farther away from full social inclusion. In addition, single-sex schools reinforce ideas from the past. Since ancient societies, women have not been able to attend schools with males or even go to school. If women have been fighting to get equal education as men, why would society counter this fight now? In Ancient Rome, girls did not go to school. Some girls in rich families went to school but this was at home.This fact shows how long ago it was normal for girls to not go to school with boys, and how it does not fit with modern ideas. Society should stop bringing back the old way of education and keep it modern. Furthermore, it is said that single sex schools provide equal education for boys and girls. This is not necessarily true. “Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” Even though this quote was about segregated schools between race, it applies completely to single sex schools. Society says that single-sex schools provide equal education for boys and girls, but at separate schools. If separate but equal is inherently unequal, then equal education at separate schools is not equal.

  • Single-sex schools, in other words, gender-segregated schools enhance gender stereo-typing

    I learned at a boys' high school, and my sister at girls' high school. We both agree that single-sex schools, now gender-segregated schools the more popular term, enhances gender stereo-typing. Values such as "boys (girls) should behave like boys (girls)" often prevalent in gender-segregated schools are often based on traditional division of labor. I think gender-segregated education goes against the global call for gender equality.

  • Single-sex schools are not modern.

    Single-sex schools are not modern and are no more useful than co-ed ones. Students are exposed to other genders outside of school, so there is little point in having a single sex school. Also, to quote a famous saying, "separate but not equal is rarely equal." Boys are girls should get an equal education. Also, single-sex schools pose a huge problem for transgender students as well as intersex (people born with both sex parts) people.

  • No. Single-sex schools are out.

    The argument today is that woman are equal. Women deserve equal rights for everything. A single sex school is not allowing things to be equal. It allows a different education to one sex over the other. That is on par with allowing a club for all men or a club for all women. It does not go along with the ideal of society today.

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futuregeneration says2015-01-28T17:18:13.397
They should be seperated because that way they can concentrate more and learn easier with a teacher that is of their own sex