Single-sex schools: Are they good for our children?

  • Single-sex schools are good for our children.

    Single-sex schools are good for our children. We could instantly end the epidemic of
    teenage pregnancy in America if we would simply make it mandatory that all of
    our children must attend single-sex schools.
    This decision would also most likely improve test scores all over the
    country as it would be easier for our children to concentrate.

  • They have their place.

    Single sex schools are good for the children in the fact that they help children to focus more on their education rather than boy/girl drama. It is also good in that younger children especially can relate better to members of the same sex. Same sex schools help to forge these relationships even more. The negative is that men and women do need to learn how to have relationships with each other. This comes more naturally to those that have been integrated throughout their entire lives. Those that attend the same sex school for many years tend to be more awkward with the opposite sex in adulthood.

  • Single sex schools are much more efficient

    The counteracting arguements seem to be based on opinions and are much more unreliable first of all. Same sex schools allow students to focus without other sex distractions, mostly females distracting males. With single sex schools both sexes have less to worry about being ridiculed because as a male who is on a team that I share a locker room with i can see we definitely dont compare ourselves other than jokingly i have a feeling the one who posted about being compared was in the wrong group of people or was soft skinned.

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  • The co-existance of the two sexes is disturbed

    Students will feel uncomfortable around people of the opposite sex, which questions marriage and children, so then how will there be a future generation?
    It also encourages homosexuality (Nothing against it, though).
    Students need to learn to be tutored in a mixed class, as there are studies that show that in mixed classes, students achieve higher grades, and don't we all want our children to exceed?
    Sending students to same-sex schools also gives them no experience on how to go on in the girl/boy phase of life, if you know what i mean.
    Taking children to a same-sex school is a like messing up their chances of a good life, in my opinion. Sex schools are a sorry, outrageous, no-good excuse for a place of learning and should be abolished.

  • Same sex schools are NOT okay.

    Same sex schools are ILLEGAL for one thing. It clearly states in the 14t amendment and title 9. It has been brought to supreme court before. Secondly, same sex schools are more likely to cause homosexuality. Nothing against homosexuals, but still. And it has proven that grades are higher in mixed classrooms. I think that same sex schoos are an outrageous excuse for a school.

  • The world isn't single sex.

    Having gone to both single sex and co-ed schools myself I have witnessed the difference between the both. At a single sex girls school it made the girls become more into boys as they did not see them all the time. It made boys so mysterious so they snuck about to see them. Single sex schools are a place of bullying, it is a judgement house and everyone is compared to ash other. Co-ed however makes boys seem normal, we are able to interact with each other and find out about the differences between sexes. Yes we learn differently but the world isn't single sex and neither is a workplace.

  • Single-sex schools can prove to be bad for children.

    Classrooms represent real world experiences. How can students be prepared for their futures if they aren’t exposed to the opposite sex? In same sex schools, there are many different perspectives and opinions which creates and good learning environment for students. This creates for a more exciting and interesting classroom. Female classmates encourage male students. Coed schools allows student to interact with the opposite gender and prepare them for their future. They allow the students to be more comfortable while socializing with the opposite gender.

  • Same sex schools are no good for children!

    Same sex schools don't allow students to interact with the other gender. Nothing against homosexuals, but it increases the cases of homosexuals. When women get out of school they may not not know how to react when a boy talks to them. In mixed schools girls can approach boys easier than when in same sex schools. Boys will also know how to react around girls. Studies shows that boys taught in single sex schools are mostly divorce or break away from there spouse or girlfriend at an early time.

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