Single-sex schools: Do single-sex schools better educate children?

  • No more distractions

    Girls and boys studying alone can achieve more than if they were in the same school. Especially among teenagers, it reduces the strain the students have that may an obstacle for learning. Boys are free to ask whatever they want in a 'stress-free' environment, and girls are allowed to study with embarrassment from the opposite sex.

  • Yes, its proven

    The rate of development varies majorly in different genders. It is scientifically proven that females develop faster than males. Mentally and physically girls develop from the ages of 8-13 and boys 9-14. The imbalance of ages at which these genders mature would be a valid enough reason as to why it is beneficial to have single sex schools. The pressure is less in a single sex school is evident as boys could be less abashed to go into subjects such as arts and music because it’s not “macho” and girls more likely to go into mathematics and science because they are supposed to be ladies but they are not likely to be judged in single sex education. The distraction of the opposite sex is evident in teen’s adolescence. Statistics show that in Florida, for example 86% of boys scored proficient on FCAT in same sex schools, while in coed schools scored a measly 37%. Similarly girls scored 75% in same sex schools and in coed 59%. Sources show that it is true that boys and girls are more likely to carry on to after high school education coming out if same sex schools. Let me create a picture for you. You are an 11 year old boy or girls and you’ve started puberty. Boys you are sweating profusely, your voice is deeper and you’re growing hair everywhere. Girls you’re experiencing body odor, breast development and your period. This is all an awkward stage in life but if you’re in single sex education and you might feel much more comfortable, confident and more accepted as many people would be going through a similar scenario. Boys and girls have different learning styles. Boys like to be active and become restless and girls can sit and listen to a lesson and not become agitated, they also participate more in a calmer environment. When boys become restless it not only distracts themselves but also the opposite sex. Now everyone that had attended high school or somewhat Primary school would have a ‘relationship’ but the maturity and seriousness of these are questionable and can lead to drama, distraction and mental issues. School work is enough stress without silly little romances to distract students, there would be no problem in single sex schools with regards to this.

  • Yes, they probably do.

    If by education is meant the accumulation of knowledge and performance in various disciplines that will get one into a good college or get a better position in life, then a single sex school does give a better education. However, it does not make a student as well rounded or socially adept.

  • They'll feel strange when meet the opposite sex

    I study at school that separate the class, clubs, events of girls and boys. I just start studying in that school 4 months ago. But now every time I meet the boys I just feel strange and curious about them, and it's VERY distracting me. And now it's hard for me to socialize with boys when it's nessecary. So, I think NO.

  • Single-sex education is gender discrimination

    For two reasons I think education at all levels should be co-ed. First, it gives kids, whether girls or boys, stereotyped views on gender and will lead to gender discrimination. Second, what do you mean by being a girl/women or boy/men? In the age that LGBT rights are seriously discussed, single-sex education is based on a very old-minded understanding of what it means by being a girl or a boy.

  • No, it's about the same.

    I do not think single sex schools offer better education. It depends on the teachers, and the students on how well they learn and how well the school itself does. It is possible that teachers try harder at the single sex schools, but the education is not better just because its all one gender.

  • No because our children won't be prepared for adulthood properly.

    Part of education consists of learning how to co-exist with the opposite sex. If children are separated from the opposite sex at a young age then when they become adults, they won't have the proper experience or knowledge on how to handle working with the opposite sex in the same environment.

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