Single-Sex Schools: For (Yes) or Against (No)?

Asked by: AJRoss
  • Totally for single sex schools

    I think that when it comes to high school, single sex schools are best for both boys and girls. One of the main reasons being that there would be less distraction, and pupils will be able to focus better in class as they would not be attracted or trying to impress the opposite sex. Also as a girl who goes to an all girls school I feel that lessons go much more smoothly as there isn't much interruption, as there would be if you go to a mixed school as there isn't any boys trying to act like the class clown.

  • Unhealthy and unbalanced

    Besides, growing up in a unisexual environment is not one that maintains balance and healthiness for the mental development of students. Students graduating from single-sex schools tend to have problems in socializing with the opposite sex. Moreover, statistics reveal that single-sex school graduates are more likely to commit crimes such as sexual harassment and rape, probably because of the unbalanced environment they are raised up in.

  • Just no, please no

    If I were in a single sex school I would be out of my mind! Not only are you letting your child be around their same gender but you're not allowing them to experience what's bound to happen. Yeah they should focus more but relationships and love is going to happen along the way. You can't keep them away from each other. It is a waste of time and money.

  • Studies say no.

    Numerous studies have some out to support the claim that single sex schools are no better than regular schools. They don't help students focus and females do no better in "male" dominated subjects like math and science. Also, kids who attend single sex schools are more likely to buy into sex associated stereotypes.

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