Sir Mix a Lot weighs in on Anaconda debate: Is "Baby Got Back" a modern classic?

  • "Butt" it is!

    First of all, it made inspirations for Anaconda, also being a classic. Second, it is the oldest song I heard about butts. It was a weirdo song at the time. But when more songs popped out about butts, it became a revolution! Even the title of the song Anaconda was inspired by this classic.

  • Heck yes it is!!

    I love that song. Everyone knows the song "Baby got back" and every time that it is played, people get excited, dance or just sing along. I don't think I have every heard anyone say they hate that song. It's definitely a classic. Around here it is anyway, we love it!

  • Baby Got Back is Iconic

    Ask any random person on the street to finish the sentnece, "I like big butts and..." It doesn't even matter the demographic, nine times out of ten, that random person will be able to finish the sentence. Part of what makes something classic is that it is iconic. It stands out alone among its peers, a symbol of a certain time. There can be no dispute, Anaconda is an icon, a modern American classic.

  • "Baby Got Back" is absolutely one of the great classics of our time

    Ever since its release way back in 1992, "Baby Got Back" has become an instantly recognizable and widely known entity in our always in flux modern media culture. At the time it was an instant hit, despite considerable controversy, and even went on to win a Grammy award. Now Nicky Manaj has brought the single back to life by a song that only samples it, but who's title and music video both reference explicitly to Sir Mix A Lot's classic track. That the song still holds currency 22 years later even among notoriously historically unaware millenials speaks to its lasting cultural power.

  • Baby got no back

    The song is not a modern classic by any stretch. A catchy tune, yes, but classic, not. Anaconda uses a line from the popular song but I think Mr Mix a lot in his " dammmm " statement was referring to the sexiness of the video, not the song itself.

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