Six Flags Coaster Derails: Should families reconsider vacationing at amusement parks?

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  • No they shouldn't

    No they shouldn't reconsider vacationing at amusement parks. There is a fluke like 1 out of a million rides. You have a better chance of ending up in an accident than with the roller coasters. So go and have fun, don't worry about the news reporting the roller coasters derailing.

  • Still a great destination

    There's a tendency to assume that when an accident has happened, these parks are automatically less safe. However, although it's a horrible thing when there is an accident, in general the safety precautions at the parks are excellent. Most people vacation there without any issues at all, it would be a shame to avoid doing so.

  • They should not risk their children's lives!

    According to the information I've read in a newspaper this morning, about 1 out of 1 million people who playing at amusement parks would be injured or died. This number seems like small and non-noticed, but let's imagine, how it will be if our child is that "1"? No one can guarantee the future, and I never want to risk my children's lives at something uncertain. So choose other activities to have an unconcerned vacation happily with your family.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    The statistics would show that it is far more dangerous to ride in the car on the way to an amusement park than to actually ride the rides there. Roller coaster crashes make the news because there are so few of them and when they do happen everyone wants to know, but they are not more risky than any other vacation activity.

  • No they should not!

    I do not feel families should double think about vacationing at amusement parks. They are still very fun, even in 2014, and continue to add more features and rides for the whole family. I just feel that not ever attraction or ride in the amusement park is going to be for everyone.

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