Six Flags roller coaster derailment: Are extreme roller coasters too dangerous?

  • Extreme Roller Coasters Are Too Dangerous to Be Ridden

    It is too dangerous to ride extreme roller coasters. There are accidents on these coasters announced every year. Even with the knowledge of deaths from these rides, daredevils and adrenaline junkies still want to ride them. These rides should be made illegal so that people, including children, can no longer be harmed by them.

  • Roller coasters are safe.

    We live in a world where health and safety is a priority. All new roller coaster rides are put through a rigorous health and safety check everyday to ensure that the public will not come to any harm during the ride, it is the image that they are dangerous that feeds our adrenalin when riding said ride. Yes at times accidents do happen, but every responsible rider understands this and still takes the plunge.

  • No, they are extensively tested

    Given the level of liability for the theme park if something goes wrong, I would expect that roller coasters are rigorously tested for safety before being put into operation. In this case there was a tree branch on the track, which is something that should have been checked ahead of time in daily safety checks that were obviously not performed. The roller coaster itself was not the issue, it was lack of inspection by park staff, and could easily have been avoided.

  • No, I don't believe they are.

    Accidents rarely happen on roller coasters, but when they do it always makes the national news so it seems like a much bigger problem than it is. There have also been a number of accidents on smaller coasters that aren't as extreme so I don't believe that the risk is increased any more by a more extreme coaster,

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