Six found alive in hotel after Italy avalanche. Is there hope to find any more survivors?

  • Yes, there is hope.

    Yes, there is great hope that more people will be found alive in the Italian hotel after the avalanche. Rescue efforts continue to be underway. In fact, I read another article that indicates eight people have been found alive. I believe there will be more. The hotel is still standing and there are many areas that were not devastated by the avalanche. I hope the number of survivors will increase.

  • Yes, there is still hope.

    There is still some hope to find more survivors in the Italian hotel that was destroyed by an avalanche. Six survivors were just found, so there are likely more people trapped in the hotel. It is possible that the trapped could still be alive and that they might be rescued in time to save them.

  • There's always hope to find more survivors following the avalanche in Italy.

    The more time that passes the less likely survivors will be found in the aftermath of Italy's avalanche. There is always hope though that more people survived. There have been many stories of people surviving such catastrophes longer than expected. Crews will have to work quickly if more survivors are expected to be found.

  • I think we all hope there is more survivors, but is that possible ?

    Four bodies have so far been found in the hotel, but many people are still missing.A friend of one of the survivors yesterday revealed the tourists had gathered in the lobby waiting for a snow plough to clear the roads so they could be evacuated when the disaster struck.
    And hope is now fading fast, with any possible survivors having to battle the cold and likely to be running out of oxygen.

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