Six shot during vigil for gunshot victim in Chicago. Is violence out of control in Chicago?

  • It definitely looks like it

    I don't understand how such an iconic city can have such a huge violence problem. Maybe now that the Obamas are done helping the country and the world, they can focus on fixing their city. All the stakeholders need to come together and form an effective plan at reducing violence on their own, because they know their city best.

  • Yes, it is.

    This sort of thing is bound to happen when you FILL the country with guns. The "distribution" cannot be controled by legal means. It is not excuse but I have never found it reasonable that everyone should have guns. That is reading way too much into the 2nd Amendment. Now that the guns are out there, you cannot get them back. Like putting toothpast back in the tube.

  • They don't fix it.

    Law enforcement has not made violence in Chicago a priority. There is too much corruption in Chicago's law enforcement department for Chicago to be able to effectively police other people. Law enforcement in the city needs to clean up their own house before other people are going to take them seriously.

  • Yes, Chicago's violence is out of control.

    No question, Chicago's violence is out of control. The city has suffered more gun violence then any other major American city. More people are killed by gun violence in Chicago then anywhere else. Chicago officials must do more to get this violence under control. In short, violence in Chicago is out of control.

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