Six shot during vigil for gunshot victim in Chicago. Should Chicago enact tougher gun laws?

  • So many people have died.

    There are so many people who have been victims of violence in Chicago it is heartbreaking. Their families miss them. Chicago seems to just treat it as par or the course, and they don't demand anything better. This is unfortunate for the children who have to grow up without their parents.

  • Yes, tougher laws should be enacted.

    After six people were shot during the vigil of yet another gunshot victim in Chicago, it is high time Chicago enacted tougher laws for guns. This will reduce the cases of sporadic shootings that have become very common. Police should unsure that all illegal guns are confiscated and proper monitoring for legal guns.

  • What do people expect?

    Anti gun people: Hey, ban guns. They just kill people!
    Well, all gun prohibition does is take guns away from the law abiding citizen and open the floodgates in the black market for people who should not have them. When do you hear of someone who is behaving perfectly fine grabbing their Glocks and popping a whole bunch of kids? Not very often. Most shootings happen because someone is in a gang or group. Taking our ability to carry is just a way for people to get mugged in alleyways. Either leave the laws or arm everybody.

  • Solve the underlying causes of the violence, not the methods.

    If you were to ban guns altogether and successfully take them away, they would switch to knives, or bombs, or cars, or any other manner of methods.

    How do I know? This is a major problem in parts of the UK that face the same economic and social issues as Chicago: They stab each other.

    At the same time, Vermont has one of the higher rates of gun ownership, which one of the lowest rates of gun violence.

    I'm all for regulating gun licensure, of course. But it's like if you ban the word "Fat" then people will call each other "Obese". You aren't solving the problem, only changing the method.

  • What use would it be?

    Their gun laws are tough as it is and it hasn't helped. At this point if you want to help then permit people to get guns to protect themselves. Or at least give out free kevlars.

    The gun laws can't do much if criminals still obtain them via illegal means. Gun free areas just get law abiding folks and the criminals find it even more convenient as no one can fight back.

    It would be different if there was decent control of guns in the country but that is not happening.

  • No, Chicago should not enact tougher gun laws.

    A lack of gun control measures in Chicago is not the reason the city is plagued by so much violence. Chicago has enacted the toughest control laws in the nation. Yet still, the city suffers from the worst gun violence anywhere. Chicago actually should implement conceal carry laws so that residents can defend themselves from crime.

  • Tougher gun laws will not help Chicago

    Chicago has a violent gang problem, not a gun problem. Gangs will access guns by smuggling them in from neighboring states like Indiana with less strict gun laws. The city needs to crack down on gangs, and if it takes intervention from the federal government to do this then do it.

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