Skinny jeans with flats (yes) or skinny jeans with boots (no)?

  • Skinny jeans with flats are just more comfortable and casual compared to boots.

    Skinny jeans with boots tend to be more casual as well as universal during all times of the seasons. They can be worn in mostly any events and can be worn for the majority of activities in life. Skinny jeans with boots is really just a simple fashion statement that can really only be worn in colder weather or camping in the woods.

  • In the middle

    Skinny jeans look great with a variety of shoes. I think it's fashionable with boots AND flats. IMO I think them to look best with high-tops. Skinny jeans are still a hot piece so you'll great with almost any shoe while wearing those. I'd just stay away from wearing a massive shirt with them.

  • I love Boots!!!!

    I hate flats!! They are not at all comfortable, no matter what anyone says!! They can give you blisters on your heels!! Boots though are warm and comfy, they are also so inside and out. You can style boots with any bottoms and tops!! There is such a big variety of BOOTS: riding, combat, fur (uggs), booties, etc. BOOTS are so stylish and cute!!

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